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ios 8 battery life saving tips

iOS 8 Battery Life Saving Tips for iPhone & iPad

Is your iPhone battery draining so fast after updating to iOS 8? Learn how to tweak your iPhone settings to increase iPhone battery life with these iOS 8 battery life saving tips. Since its official release a week ago, the Apple iOS 8 update has gotten mix reviews with both praises and criticisms from its […]

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power bank tips

Power Bank Tips: Everyone Should Know

Do you own a power bank or still planning to buy one? Below are five (5) important power bank tips to guide you on how to effectively and efficiently use your power bank for your electronic devices. Power banks are considered to be everyone’s bestfriend, at least in today’s modern world. As technology progresses, more and more high-tech gadgets (like […]

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iphone battery saving tips

5 Causes Why iPhone Battery Drains Fast (w/ Saving Tips)

Ever wondered why your iPhone battery drains so fast? Whether you’re using an iPhone 5, 4S, 4, or 3GS, know the top causes of fast battery drain and squeeze more battery life through these iPhone battery saving tips. Let’s admit it. The iPhone is one of best selling and most in-demand smartphone worldwide. It’s obviously a premium […]

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Tips to Protect from Facebook Spam Attack

Facebook: Spam Attack Have you noticed a lot of odd and disturbing images (p0rn0graphic, extreme violence, animal abuse) in your Facebook Newsfeed in the past few days? Avoid this massive Facebook spam attack by learning how to protect your account from hackers. One big new in the online tech world this week was the massive […]

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Effective Tips to Increase Windows Start Up Speed

Windows 7: Start Up Screen Are you struggling from a very slow start up speed on your Windows computer? If you are tired of waiting too long to completely load your Windows machine, then try applying these simple and effective tips to increase Windows start up speed. One of the most common Windows problem among […]

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5 Effective Tips to Extend Laptop Battery Life

Do you experience laptop battery problems? Are you planning of buying a new battery replacement because of a deteriorated laptop battery life? Our laptop’s battery is not fixed. Just like anything with life, batteries also become dead eventually. The usual duration of a laptop battery ranges from two (2) to three (3) years or even […]

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