Apple iPhone 7 Specs, Features, and Price

What’s new with the iPhone 7? Earlier today, Apple has officially revealed the details of the latest iPhone. Here are the full iPhone 7 specs, features, and price you would surely like to know.

The new iPhone 7 and 7 Plus are touted to be the best and most advanced iPhones Apple has created since the first iPhone. It sports a whole lot of new features and enhancements, both hardware and software, to get back on top of the smartphone race.

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The iPhone 7 brings with it a couple of design refinements to make it more solid and appealing.  First, Apple introduced two (2) new color options in the iPhone lineup which is Jet Black (glossy) and Matte Black. These two colors will replace the 3-year old Space Grey color option first introduced on the iPhone 5S.

iphone 7 colors

The overall form factor remains the same as the previous iPhone 6 and 6S. Screen size was also retained although one noticeable change is the trimmed down, less interfering antenna bands at the back.

iphone 7 water resistant

iPhone 7 is water & dust resistant

Another major design enhancement is that the new iPhone 7 and 7 Plus are now both water and dust resistant with IP67 rating. Same with Samsung flagship phones, the iPhone can now also sustain being submerged into water for 30 minutes and still remain operational.


iphone 7 3d home button

The standard clickable iPhone home button is replaced with a static, force sensitive 3D home button. This means that instead of clicking, the new 3D home button will trigger actions based on the touch pressure. This is comparable to the new Macbook’s trackpad with haptic feedback.


Apple made a significant improvement to the Retina HD display for the iPhone 7. Now, it sports a wide color gamut for richer color output. This is considered to be cinema-like quality on a mobile phone.

iphone 7 display


Confirming the rumors, Apple has courageously removed the 3.5mm headphone jack or port in the new iPhone 7. Instead, it’ll come with the new Lightning Earpods and an adaptor (for older Earpods) fresh from the box.

Apple Airpods

As an additional accessory, Apple has also introduced their very first wireless headphone called Airpods. It can last up to 5 hours of playback and a seamless integration with the iPhone and Apple watch which doesn’t require any special pairing to work unlike the conventional Bluetooth headphones. It’s priced at $159.

For the first time as well, the new iPhone 7 will have a stereo speaker system (one on top and another on the bottom) for a louder and richer sound quality.


Perhaps the biggest improvement in the iPhone 7 is in the Camera department. The iPhone 7 packs a 12 megapixels rear camera with OIS and f/1.8 aperture for a much better low light performance. For the iPhone 7 Plus, it’s got a dual camera setup with telephoto lens for 2x optical zoom and 10x digital zoom. On top of that is a Quad LED true-tone flash. Front facing Facetime HD camera was also improved at 7 megapixels as compared to the previous 5MP.

iphone 7 camera

In terms of quality, Apple is schedule to release a software update sometime in late September for the Portrait (Bokeh) mode feature within the native Camera app. This will enhance the background blurriness of a portrait photo same like that of a DSLR’s quality.


Apple A10 Fusion

Powering the iPhone 7 is the new Apple A10 Fusion processor which claims to have 40% faster processing power than the previous 6S models and up to 50% faster gaming performance than its predecessor. It’s now even more efficient and promises as “longest battery life ever in an iPhone”.


Following the public clamour for more internal space, Apple is finally saying goodbye to the 16GB variant of iPhone and beefing up the base iPhone to 32GB. In additional, 64GB and 128GB will be superseded by 128GB and 256GB storage options.

iphone 7 storage options


iPhone 7 will run the latest Apple mobile operating system iOS 10 fresh out of the box. It comes with a number of new features like Raise to wake, improvements on Messages, Music, Maps, Photos, Siri, and many more. This will be globally available as a free update starting September 13. More details about the iOS 10 features here.

ios 10 features


The iPhone 7 and 7 Plus prices will be exactly the same as the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus, Apple confirmed. This is good news considering the upgraded hardware value you get for your money. It starts at $649 for the 32GB base iPhone 7 and $769 for the iPhone 7 Plus.

Pre-order will start on September 9 in the US and will be available in the market starting September 16 in the first few countries globally.

Update: Read here for the official iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus price in the Philippines.


  • 4.7 inch / 5.5 inch Retina HD display, Wide-color gamut
  • Apple A10 Fusion processor @ 2.4GHz
  • 12MP rear camera, telephoto lens (only for iP7 Plus) @ f/1.8 apperature, OIS
  • Quad LED true-tone flash
  • 7MP Facetime HD front camera
  • 2GB (iP7) / 3GB (iP7 Plus) RAM
  • 32GB, 128GB, 256GB storage
  • Single Nano SIM
  • LTE-A up to 450 Mbps
  • WiFi / Bluetooth / GPS / NFC / Stereo Speakers
  • up to 14 hours talk time (3G)
  • Lightning Earpods
  • iP67 water & dust resistance
  • iOS 10
  • Jet Black, Matte Black, Silver, Gold, Rose Gold colors

That’s all the essential details Apple announced today about the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus. Be sure to subscribe to this blog for the iPhone and Apple news. Let us know what you think about the newest iPhone 7 by leaving a comment below.

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