Best Power Bank Brand under ₱ 1,000 (Updated)

A portable power bank is undeniably a hot selling item nowadays especially here in the Philippines. While others are still learning how to use power bank for the first time, power banks are starting to become a must-have item of every modern Filipino.

We Pinoys love to take take selfies, listen to music, browse the internet, and play games on our smartphones and tablets. These activities make our phone battery drain so fast and we don’t want to be in a dire situation when our phone dies in the middle of the road. Hence, to buy a highly recommended and best power bank brand for smartphone or tablet is crucial.

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Best Power Bank Brand

There are a handful of power bank brands in the market at different battery capacities ranging from 1,000 to more than 20,000 mAh. But more than the numbers, we want to buy a high quality and reliable power bank that won’t fail us. Here, I’ve listed down my top choices for the best power bank brand you can buy here in the Philippines. These are tested and well-received power bank brands based on the public’s general feedback and overall sales.

If you happen to own already a power bank, here are my 5 important power bank tips you can follow to maximize your device.

Xiaomi Mi Power

Xiaomi Mi Power Bank

On the top of the list is the Xiaomi Mi Power Bank. It’s the hottest and continues to be the best selling power bank in country with stocks always sold out in its partner stores or online. It sports a dual battery cell technology from Samsung & LG and covered up by a sleek aluminum casing in three different varieties and sizes.

You can buy this on any Xiaomi stores nationwide or online via Lazada here.

Asus ZenPower

Asus ZenPower Power Bank

Another high quality power bank is the Asus ZenPower. Famous for it’s lightweight (credit card size) and affordable price tag, the Asus ZenPower is truly a bang-for-the-bucks. Currently available only in 1 size at 10,050 mAh, you can however choose from it’s different colors including black, silver, gold, blue, and pink.

Update: NEW high capacity ASUS ZenPower 20,100 mAh added.

Both can be bought at any Asus partner stores nationwide with a suggested retail price (SRP) of ₱ 795 and ₱ 2,495. You may purchase it also online via Lazada using the links above.

Cherry Mobile Flare Power

Cherry Mobile Flare Power Bank

Cherry Mobile, one of the popular local mobile brands here in the Philippines, also offers their very first power bank device – the Cherry Mobile Flare Power. It packs a decent 10,000 mAh power capacity (same as Xiaomi) but for a lower price. It’s definitely the best power bank choice for budget conscious individuals. It is availabel in six different colors.

You may purchase it online via Lazada here.

Pineng Universal Backup Power

Pineng Power Bank

Another very saleable power bank brand in the Philippines is Pineng. For just roughly ₱ 800, you can already get a high capacity 20,000 mAh power bank. Best of all, it showcases dual USB charging ports, an LED screen showing the battery percentage, and a micro control unit (MCU) chip for safety. It is available in three (3) colors: White, Silver, and Gold.

If weight (445 grams to be exact) is not an issue for you, then this is one good choice. You may purchase it online via Lazada here.

Romoss Power Bank

Romoss Power BankGenerally available in Asianic stores nationwide and online via Lazada, the Romoss power banks have a wide range of choices in terms of battery capacity. Fast charging, dual output, emergency LED torch (flashlight), LCD power display, improve power conversion rate – these are just some distinguishing features of Romoss power banks depending on the models you choose.

Prices are also very competitive considering the load of features these devices have. The only set back that I can think of about Romoss is the lack of color options. You may purchase it online via Lazada here.

Momax iPower Go Mini

Momax iPower Go Mini Power Bank

Momax, a Hong Kong based mobile technology company, makes a place as one of the best power bank brand in the Philippines. A bit pricey compared to its competitors, Momax power banks specifically the Momax iPower Go Mini is very reliable, well built, and covered by a 1 year product warranty. At 8,400 mAh, this device packs a punch while maintaining a simplistic rugged design and great portability.

Momax power banks can be bought on different Digital Walker, Power Mac, and Beyond the Box outlets nationwide. You may purchase it also online via Lazada here.

That complete’s my list of the best power banks brands in PH. If you think I missed any great power bank brands, feel free to leave your suggestions or comments below. For more tech news, be sure to subscribe to our blog, JeypReview, or like us on Facebook for more updates about the latest tech gadgets in the market.

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  • Chin chin

    Good list of powerbanks. I see Xiaomi and Asus Zen Power most often advertised. Haven’t bought myself a new one. Maybe I’ll consider these if I really need to buy one again.