5 Phone Battery Charging Mistakes We’re Guilty of Doing

How do you charge your phone battery nowadays? Are you aware of these common battery charging mistakes? If not, then pause for a while and take time to read this.

Most of us may not be aware that battery health is as equally important as taking good care of the physical device itself. Like air to humans, battery gives power to our phones and greatly dictates its overall lifespan. Whenever our phone battery runs out of juice, we just simply charge it the way we want, not minding the possible effects that can deteriorate battery health.

Now, I’ll be showing you five (5) of the most common phone battery charging mistakes we’re guilty of doing. Hopefully through this knowledge,  you can develop and practice good battery charging habits to extend your battery life and maintain its optimal performance.

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5 Common Battery Charging Mistakes

1.) Charging your Phone Overnight

battery charging mistakes

This is perhaps one of the greatest misconception about modern smartphone batteries. While this is true for the old-school Nickel-based batteries used in early 2,000’s, most modern smartphones today already uses Lithium-Ion (Li-Ion) type of battery. These “smart” rechargeable batteries have built-in safety mechanism called trickle charging – a charge rate that is high enough to keep a battery fully charged, but low enough to avoid overcharging. As long as you’re charging using the recommended charging accessories under normal room temperature, then leaving your phone plugged in all the time is not bad for your battery. Yes and you’re welcome!

2.) Leaving your Phone Battery go ZERO

battery charging mistakes

In contrast, leaving your phone battery completely empty before charging does have a serious implication on your battery’s health. Lithium-ion batteries becomes highly unstable and dangerous to charge whenever power level gets super low. In extreme cases, lithium-ion batteries can automatically trigger its built-in self-destruct circuits that will disable the battery for good.

To avoid this, make it a habit to charge your phone as often as you can and follow the 40% – 80% charging rule for optimum battery performance. Also, never force your phone to power up after it’s been turned off automatically due to an empty battery.

3.) Using your Phone While Charging

battery charging mistakes

Another common habit we do to our phones is using them while charging. Doing power-hogging activities (i.e playing games, browsing the internet, etc.) while charging causes a certain amount of stress to the battery and heat up more with prolonged usage. While there’s only little to no evidence that using your phone while charging causes a direct battery damage, still, it is recommended to free up or at least minimize phone activity to fasten charging time.

As a pro tip, you can also put your phone into “Airplane mode” for faster charging speed.

4.) Using Low-Quality or Knockoff Chargers

battery charging mistakes

Using low quality, counterfeit, knockoff chargers is definitely a big NO to charge your phone. Most of these unlabelled chargers are sold at a pretty cheap price in a variety of designs and vivid colors to lure potential buyers. While they may work as expected, most of them don’t comply with the required specifications to carry the required charging rate to charge the battery to the safest way possible. Worst, quality is uncertain for these products and can cause serious damage such as overheat, fire, or explosion.

So the next time you use colorful or flat charging cables, make sure to check the packaging if it includes a safety guideline on how to properly use the product. And more importantly, use the original charger that came with the phone as much as possible.

5.) Putting your Phone in Extreme Temperatures

battery charging mistakes

Have you tried leaving your phone inside the car under direct sunlight? Or perhaps put your phone beside the laptop’s exhaust fan? In such cases, excess heat does have a significant effect on your phone’s battery health. Heat can degrade your battery heath much faster and cause it to expand resulting to a bloated battery. In fact, placing it at a 40°C will lose you up to 35% of the total battery capacity in a year.

As a reminder, make sure to place your phone in a well-ventilated, normal temperature area and avoid using bulky, fully enclosed phone cases that can trap heat while charging.

So that’s all for the five (5) most common phone battery charging mistakes we’re guilty of doing. Surely our phone batteries will die eventually in 2 to 3 years but by correcting these common battery charging mistakes, we might enjoy more the hard earned money we used to purchase our phones.

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