iOS 8 Features & Changes: What You Need to Know

Planning to update to iOS 8 tomorrow? Here are the top new iOS 8 features, changes, and improvements you need to know before downloading it to your iDevice (iPhone, iPad, iPod).

The newest iOS version, the iOS 8, is almost set to be released to the public in less than 48 hours. Beginning September 17, iOS 8 will starting roll out to iPhone, iPad, and iPod devices on the US and gradually spread throughout Europe then Asia. The iOS 8 update is said to approximately arrive here in the Philippines on September 19 at around 1:00 AM.

Update: iOS 8 is now live and up for download on your iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch.

iOS 8 Features and Changes

ios 8 features changes

Interactive Notifications

Interactive notifications lets you respond to calendar invitations, reminders or reply to a text message, email, Facebook or a Twitter post directly from the pull-down notification center in iOS 8 without leaving your currently opened app; making it easy to quickly reply to important messages and keeping what you’re doing.

ios 8 ui changes

Favorite and Frequent Contacts

In iOS 8, opening the multitasking view (by double tapping the Home button) will not just let you see all your running apps in the background but also let’s you access your most frequently used contacts and favourited contacts too for faster navigation instead of opening the Contacts app.

ios 8 health appHealth App

Health is a whole new built-in Apple app which collects your health and fitness data, like daily activities, a calorie counter, heart rate, blood pressure, sleep patterns, etc. It’s like a one-stop place to display your current health statistics using third-party accessories (like the Nike+ Fuelband) and even directly receive medical records, lab results, and illness status from your partner clinics.

QuickType & Third-party keyboards

ios 8 quicktype

Unlike the old iOS standard keyboard, the new QuickType keyboard is very smart and intuitive. It now enables text predictions which suggests whole phrases based on what you have typed and also learn your vocabulary and typing habits to adjust accordingly. In addition, iOS 8 now supports third-party keyboards which enable custom keyboards to be installed.

Improved Messages

ios 9 messages

The iOS 8 Messages app was further improved – now let’s you send audio messages, stream videos, and share your current location in the middle of the conversation. It also lets you manage participants in a group conversation, create custom titles, send multiple photos/videos at once, or temporarily stop message notifications using Do Not Disturb option.

Intelligent Spotlight

Spotlight, iOS’ built-in search feature, has now become more intelligent by analyzing search queries in terms of context and location. It can now display search suggestions based on Wikipedia, news, nearby places, websites, iTunes/iBooks/Apple store, and even movie showtimes.

Family Sharing

ios 8 family shareFamily Sharing is a new iOS 8 feature which lets every family members (max of 6 members) to share purchases from iTunes, iBooks, and the App Store without sharing individual accounts. It lets users pay for family purchases with the same credit card and approve kids’ app purchase requests right from a parent’s device. Family Sharing also enables easy sharing of photos, family calendar, and even track your family members location whenever needed.

ios 8 photosPhotos

iOS 8’s Photos app now houses a number of improvements like faster photo searching based on date, location, or album name. Smart editing tools has also become richer and easier, making photo adjustments such as cropping, exposure controls, and photo filtering in a breeze.

New iCloud Drive

The iCloud Drive is Apple’s own cloud storage service which lets you save and edit your files online and later access/sync them between different devices, similar to Dropbox and Google Drive. The first 5 GB of storage is free while you can upgrade it up to 1 TB with an additional cost.


ios 8 continuity

Continuity is another new iOS 8 feature which lets you virtually connect and integrate all your Apple devices (iPhone, iPad, and Mac). For instance, the new Handsoff feature lets you start writing an email on your iPhone and pick up where you left off when you sit down at your Mac or browse the web on your Mac and continue from the same link on your iPad. Continuity also extends the capabilities of your iPhone by letting your iPad or Mac to receive calls and text message once connected on the same Wifi network.

iOS 8 Compatible Devices

What devices are supported by the iOS 8 update? Here are all the iOS 8 compatible devices: iPhone 4s, iPhone 5, iPhone 5c, iPhone 5s | iPad 2, iPad 3, iPad 4, iPad Air, iPad mini, iPad mini with Retina Display | iPod touch (5th gen).

ios 8 compatible devices

To know more about iOS 8, you can visit Apple official iOS page here.

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