Globe ‘Share-A-Load’ Confirmation Added to Stop Text Scams

Globe Telecom, one of the leading telcos here in the Philippines, has recently announced an added step when availing both its ‘Share-A-Load‘ and ‘Share-A-Promo‘ services as a precautionary measure to control the increasing and rampant text scams experienced by its subscribers.

For the past months, there has been a spike of customer complaints received by different Philippine telcos (not just Globe) regarding huge amounts of disappearing loads or sudden increase in their monthly service fees. Only to know that a lot of them were actually victimised by various text scams, tricking them to do a Share-A-Load transaction without the subscriber’s knowledge. These text scams uses varying spiels such as load rewards, refunds, or bill overcharges (just like the sample image below) just to trick their prospect victims to send load credits.

Globe: No to Text Scams

globe share a load scam

Text scams deceiving subscribers to do a ‘Share-A-Load’ transaction

To address the issue, Globe has added a validation process to its Share-A-Load and Share-A-Promo, prompting all the subscribers to reply ‘YES’ as confirmation to authenticate and serve the load-sharing transaction. This way, Globe subscribers will be informed and possibly warned ahead about the impending charge. In addition, the subscriber has to reply within 5 minutes or else the request will be voided.

globe share a load confirmation message

Confirmation message for Share-A-Load transaction

In a press statement, Senior VP for Corporate Communications Yoly Crisanto said “We want to continuously protect our customers against these scams. By putting in place this additional measure, we would help prevent our customers from unwittingly undertaking Share-A-Load transactions.

Also last month, Globe has reduced the maximum amount for Share-A-Load transactions (₱150 for prepaid; ₱300 for postpaid customers) to counter text scams asking for ₱500 load credits.

Are you still receiving these text scams? Report these phone numbers soliciting text scams through Globe’s #StopSpam page – to permanently block them from the network.

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