iPhone 5S Launch Date Announced!

Have you heard of any iPhone 5S leaks lately? Well, this just gives us the idea that its announcement is already imminent. As predicted, it looks like Apple is sticking to its usual September Apple event as the iPhone 5s launch date is finally happening on September 10, 2013. As confirmed by AllThingsD, it’s most likely that Apple has already started requesting for some media coverage on the day of the announcement.

So what are we going to expect on this September 10 Apple event? There’s quite a number actually.

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iPhone 5S Launch Date

iphone 5s

The iPhone 5S launch date is set to happen exactly one month from now on September 10, 2013. No specific time and venue of the event was disclosed yet but we are expecting for the official Apple invites to be released anytime next week or so as Apple is still ironing out the details of this special event.

Basing on the latest rumours, the iPhone 5S will be an incremental upgrade to the existing iPhone 5 model but will some few minor changes. In terms of physical design, there’s is nothing much to expect since it’ll be more likely the same with the iPhone 5 with a 4.0-inch form factor. Internal-wise, the iPhone 5S will most like have an upgraded version and surely a much faster processor (most like an A7 quad-core chip). We can also expect a 13 megapixels rear-facing camera and possibly a built-in fingerprint scanner as recent leaks claim.

Together with the new generation iPhone 5S (and possibly the low-cost iPhone 5C), Apple will also surely announce the final version iOS 7 – their latest mobile operating which was previously introduced during its early beta stages more than a month ago. Basing on previous September announcement, Apple might also introduce a new line of iPod next month though there has been a scarce details about it.

New iPad Mini & iPad 5

ipad 5 & retina ipad mini

Many Apple fanatics just cannot waiting to get a hold of the latest and upgraded versions of the full-sized iPad 5 or the retina iPad Mini as many iPad internal & external parts surfaced around the web. But don’t get your hooks up yet as Apple might not a reveal them just yet during the upcoming event.

As tempting as it seems, Apple doesn’t want to unleash all their thump cards all at once. Aside from giving customers something to look forward to, they also don’t want to share the spot light once the iPhone 5S officially unveils. We might have to wait for a while for before the iPad 5 and Retina iPad Mini launch date so stay tune for more updates.

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