VLC 2.0 for iOS Released, Free Download

VLC 2.0 for iOS is once again back in the Apple AppStore since its almost two-year hiatus after GPL licensing issues encountered before. But all is well now and VLC, the best free video player of all, is now back into action to offer every iOS users the freedom to play almost every video formats without doing manual video conversion.

As stated on their official website: “VLC for iOS can play all your movies and shows in most formats directly without conversion. You can synchronize media to your device using WiFi Upload, iTunes, Dropbox, or direct downloads from the web.

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VLC 2.0 for iOS [iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch]

Aside from playing videos, VLC for iOS has also got some additional features with it. Among them are the following:

vlc 2 for ipad ios

VLC 2.0 on the iPad

  • Play all files, in all formats, including exotic ones, like classic VLC media player.
  • Play MKV, multiple audio tracks (including 5.1), and subtitles tracks (including SSA!).
  • Support for network streams, including HLS, MMS or RTSP.
  • Include video filters, playback speed manipulation, and fine seeking.
  • A video media library, with WiFi Upload, Dropbox integration and optional passcode lock.
  • Integration for bluetooth headsets and AirPlay.
  • Supports iOS 5.1 or later including the first iPad.
  • Completely free, libre and open source.

Free, Open-source software

Also, VLC for iOS is now bi-licensed under the Mozilla Public License Version 2 as well as the GNU General Public License Version 2 or later. This means that users as well as developers can modify or redistribute the source codes and binary files under the conditions of these licenses. VLC source code and binary files are now available for download on the official VLC website.

vlc for iphone ios

VLC 2 on iPhone (Landscape view)

I already tried installing VLC on my iPhone 4S using the Australian Apple ID I’ve created previously on my PvZ 2 tutorial. So far so good. I tested playing a sample .MKV file and video playback is smooth (no lags whatsoever). I have yet to try other video formats and probably larger files (like 720p and 1080p videos) soon see if the performance is still the same.

Tell us what you think of the new VLC for iOS and don’t forget to subscribe to this blog. Free download link is available below.

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