Blackberry Playbook OS 10 Update Cancelled

Looks like fate has not been so kind for all Blackberry Playbook tablet users out there. Research In Motion’s CEO himself, Torsten Heins, has retracted his promise made earlier this year when he finally revealed that the Blackberry Playbook OS 10 update will no longer push through. This unfortunate announcement was made during today’s latest investors call showing the Q1 2014 earnings report of the company.

RIM’s latest financial results for the quarter shows quite a huge operating loss of almost $84 million despite its 15% revenue increase as compared to the previous quarter. The Canadian company has also revealed that it’s Blackberry devices were not able to reach its sales performance even to a satisfactory level – a clear sign that the company is still struggling to stand its ground after its tragic fall last year.

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blackberry playbook tablet

The introduction of RIM’s latest Blackberry OS 10 was supposed to help raise back the popularity that Blackberry devices once have, with the intent to attract new users as well as previous ones to get back to the Blackberry world. But since the release of BB OS 10 devices like the Z10 and Q10, smartphone sales have been so positive since people now seem to prefer the much advanced iOS and Android OS platforms.

blackberry z10 & q10

Heins further added that the company now intends to focus more on its core products (clearly referring to it’s smartphone devices like the Blackberry Z10, Q10 and upcoming Q5) and to cut down expenses outside of this direction. This leaves behind the Blackberry Playbook tablet into a dying product, unable to compete with faster and updated tablets available in the market today.

So what do you think of this sad announcement? Does this already mean the end of Blackberry in the tablet market? Share your thoughts by leaving your comments below.

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  1. Andy Motter August 9, 2013 at 3:20 AM #

    I can see why rim is in difficulty , no support to their customers ,do they really think that they will be able to sell their overpriced smart phones ??

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