10 Best iPhone 5 Cases, Bumpers, Screen Protectors

Looking for the best iPhone 5 cases & accessories yet available in the market? Have a nice look on my list of 10 best iPhone 5 cases, bumpers & screen protectors for your newly purchased iPhone 5.

Officially hitting the Apple Stores yesterday in 9 major key countries worldwide, the iPhone 5 launch is considered to be a major success – not to mention the long iPhone 5 lines and the number of people who waited overnight just to be included in the first few to get their hands on the new iPhone 5. Now that the iPhone 5 is finally available to the public, surely the next thing that iPhone 5 owners should consider buying are iPhone 5 accessories to protect their new phone. Among the list definitely include iPhone cases, bumpers and screen protectors.

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If you are among the lucky few iPhone 5 owners or still deciding to buy iPhone 5, I’m giving you my list of best iPhone 5 cases, bumpers & screen protectors that you might want to purchase online.

Best iPhone 5 Cases

otterbox iphone 5 case

1.  OtterBox Defender iPhone 5 Case

Very famous for optimum protection for iPhones, the OtterBox Defender iPhone case is among the pioneer iPhone 5 cases readily available after the iPhone 5 was launch. You may choose from its 10 different colors & designs that best suites you taste and style. The OtterBox Defender iPhone 5 case is available at Amazon at a price of $49.95 – a pretty niffty price but you can be insured of its supreme phone protection.

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splash iphone 5 case2. Splash CRUISER Slim-Fit Polycarbonate Slider Case for iPhone 5

A slim-fit iPhone 5 case, the splash CRUISER case for iPhone 5 is feels perfect in the hands. The material is very lightweight and feels really durable despite its slimness. It’s made from polycarbonate so it’s not plasticky and doesn’t easily slip in your hands. It is available in rainbow colors and costs $23.85 at Amazon. Photos Here | Buy HERE

flip folio iphone 5 case3. Bear Motion Flip Folio iPhone 5 Case

If you are a fan of flip cases, the Bear Motion Flip Folio iPhone 5 case is perfect for you. It’s main material is made of leather and it has an adhesive silicon inside that holds the phone securelyand doesn’t leave any marks and stains when taking the phone off. It can also be transformed as an iPhone stand. This classy iPhone 5 case costs only $9.99.

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photive iphone 5 case

4. Photive Hybrid iPhone 5 Bumper Case

Do you want an iPhone 5 case that protects your phone but still maintains your iPhone’s design and beauty? Then the Photive iPhone 5 bumper case is the answer. This iPhone 5 bumper fits perfectly without adding any additional bulkiness. Though it’s made from hard polycarbonate frame, it doesn’t scratch the metal band of the iPhone. You can choose black, white, or grey color. The Photive iPhone 5 bumper costs $9.99.

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belkin iphone 5 case5. Belkin View Case/Cover for iPhone 5

Protection with Style. That’s how I see the Belkin View iPhone 5 case. Visually appealing, this iPhone 5 case has a transparent back design available in six (6) colorful borders that doesn’t coverup your iPhone’s elegant back design. Thanks to its slim, lightweight design, this case can be tossed in a purse or pocket so you can take your phone with you anywhere. The Belkin View Case is available in Amazon Store for $19.99.

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belkin iphone 5 armband6. Belkin EaseFit Armband for iPhone 5

Designed for sports-oriented iPhone 5 owners, the Belkin Easefit Armband iPhone 5 case is made with comfort and durability. It’s made from a soft cotton-like material that fits in every arm sizes. Protection-wise, you are also assured of a dust-free iPhone thanks to its transparent front cover. This Belkin Armband also doesn’t affect the smoothness and responsiveness when accessing your iPhone touchscreen interface. This product costs $36.95.

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cygnett iphone 5 case

7. Cygnett FlipWallet iPhone 5 Case

Money & your iPhone 5 joined into one. Handy FlipWallet features a clever integrated design, with cash and credit card pockets. Carry all the essentials in one case while shielding your iPhone from scratches. Enjoy access to all functions and a screen protector. No product price was announced yet but it will be released pretty soon.

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kayscase iphone 5 case8. KaysCase HardSkin Clear Case for iPhone 5

Bare and sexy, the KaysCase hardskin clear case is definitely a must have for iPhone 5 owners who wants to show off their phone’s skin. It’s made from high quality polycarbonate plastic shell case that is super clear with precise cut-outs allowing access to all controls and buttons. It also fits perfectly on the iPhone 5 plus it comes with a free screen protector so you don’t have to worry buying a separate one. This product costs $12.99Buy HERE

iphone 5 clear screen protector9. SPIGEN Steinheil Ultra Crystal Clear iPhone 5 Screen Protector

For a complete iPhone protection, your iPhone 5 case should also be partnered with an iPhone 5 screen protector. The Spigen Steinheil ultra crystal clear screen protector is one of the best product for this need. Its premium quality screen protection makes your new iPhone 5 extremely scratch proof. Best it’s ultra crystal clarity, you are assured of no rainbow effects on your screen unlike any other ordinary iPhone 5 screen protectors. Touchscreen responsiveness is also not affected. The whole set include two (2) front screen protectors, a squeegee and a microfiber cloth and costs $13.99.

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iphone 5 antiglare screen protector10. splash MASQUE (Anti-Glare) iPhone 5 Screen Protector

Always going in the sun with your iPhone? Then an anti-glare screen protector is what you need like the Splash’ Masque. Among the PROs of this product include easy installation, fits the screen from edge to edge precisely, and good anti-glare quality with nice matte finish. It’s also super thin that you will not notice it until you touch it. Unlike the clear version, this matte finish helps reduce smudges in the screen so you don’t have to wipe it off always with a cleaning cloth. The Splash MASQUE costs $13.85 which includes 2 anti-glare screen protectors, an application card, and a micro-fiber cleaning cloth.

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So there you go – my list of 10 best iphone 5 cases, bumpers, and screen protectors. Which one are you picking? Do you have other cases to suggests? Share you thoughts below.

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