Speck Fitfolio iPad 2 Case: Review

speck fitfolio ipad 2 caseLooking for a perfect case for iPad 2? This Speck Fitfolio iPad 2 case can be one on your list. Check out my quick review about this must-have iPad 2 case.

Over the weekend, I went through some gadget stores to find some case for my newly purchased iPad 2. Prior to it, I’ve already searched the internet for possible iPad case designs I might see in stores. Luckily during my quest, I found the one I was looking for: the classy and super slim Speck Fitfolio iPad 2 case which I bought at Power Mac Center for about Php 1,650 pesos (or $40). The case is a bit pricey but let’s see here in my short review if the price can be justified.

Speck Fitfolio for iPad 2

When you first see the Speck Fitfolio case, the first thing you’ll probably notice is its classy, slim, and organizer-type design which I definitely find attractive. It’s main body is made of a leather front cover and a hard polycarbonate back shell.

Along the side of the leather cover is a small bungee strap to lock the case. On the back portion comes a smooth, felt-like material that protects your iPad screen from scratches. You will also notice four (4) small slits / notches which are used to hold the iPad when transformed into different viewing angles (more info below).

On the back shell’s side are perfectly-cut openings for the different iPad ports on top (for the headphone, mic, Sleep/Wake button, & rear camera), on the side (volume rocker), and on the bottom (speaker, dock connector). The back shell is a little bit thick but only enough to protect impacts from ground falls.


Placing your iPad 2 in this Speck case is also very easy thanks to the ridges found on every corner of the hard back shell of the case which snaps securely the device.

The Design

Honestly, the one that really made me decide to buy Speck Fitfolio was its super sleek and neat design. I chose the color black among the five (5) different colors: red, black, grey, blue (peacock), and purple (aubergine). I find the black one more professional looking and not too prone for visible dirts and dusts.

As you can see on the images, the different cuts for iPad ports fit perfectly with no issues at all. Speaking more of design, the Speck Fitfolio is also a functional case with you can transform into multiple stand angles for a smoother viewing and typing experience. You can transform it to four (4) different viewing angles using the notches I mentioned earlier. It’s a pretty nice feature that I find very helpful too.

If you are surfing the web or typing on your iPad, you can also transform it into typing stance by folding the case like this:

The Pros & Cons

After using the product for a week now, here are some of the major advantages and disadvantages (pros & cons) I came up for the Speck Fitfolio iPad 2 case.

The Pros:
1. Sleek and professional looking design
2. Anti-fingerprint leather type front cover
3. Cuts fit perfectly on all iPad ports
4. Can transform into typing or viewing stand
5. Available in five (5) colors
6. Securely protects your iPad

The Cons:
1. No sleep / wake functionality like Apple’s Smart Cover
2. The bungee strap can worn out over time
3. Some back portion of the iPad is exposed when transformed as a viewing stand


Overall, my experience with Speck Fitfolio is pretty much amazing. I’m totally in loved by its folio-type design plus its two-type stand features which I commend as very helpful.  Also, I did not experience any major issues upon using the case.

I just have a few suggestions though to better improve the product. First, Speck should look into using a magnetic type of lock to incorporate and take advantage of the smart sleep/wake functionality present on the iPad 2. For me, it’s a smarter way than using a bungee cord which can loosen and detach from the case after excessive use.

The Speck Fitfolio case for iPad 2 is not a perfect case but regardless of its minor deficiencies in terms of design, I still love it and will definitely continue to use it for my new iPad 2.

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