Smart vs Globe: iPhone 4S Postpaid & Prepaid Plan

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Planning on getting your first iPhone 4S postpaid or prepaid kit? Read this first as we compare the best deal between Smart iPhone 4S vs Globe iPhone 4S postpaid and prepaid plans here in the Philippines.

The iPhone 4S is undeniably a mashing hit for Apple not only in the US but also here in the Philippines. Because of its immense popularity, both Smart and Globe (Philippines’ telco giants) are now offering the iPhone 4S to serve the growing Filipino demand. With this, we go down to the next question: Which of the two Philippine telco networks offer the best iPhone 4S deals? Let’s find out.

For Prepaid Plans

Prepaid subscription is indeed a popular choice for most Filipino mobile subscribers mainly because it has no monthly payment obligation and there are a lot of good prepaid call & text promos existing to suit every subscribers mobile need. If you want an iPhone 4S for your Smart or Globe prepaid sim, check out this price comparison:

iphone 4s smart
iPhone 4S Prepaid Plans
Prepaid Kit Smart Globe

* Prices as of March 11, 2012

Based on the official prices, Smart is clearly the winner in terms of prepaid plans with 4,400 to 6,000 price difference against Globe. So if you want a prepaid iPhone 4S, I’d recommend you go for Smart.

For Postpaid Plans

While prepaid subscription is a common choice for many, postpaid subscribers, on the other hand, save themselves from running out load when making calls, texts, and internet browsing.. Let’s see which of the two has the best postpaid plans.

To start, we will compare the unlimited data plans (plans with built in unlimited mobile internet access) of both telcom which is suitable for the iPhone 4S due to its heavy data connection reliance via its apps.

Smart Unli Data Plans (iPhone 4S)

Plan 4000Plan 3000Plan 2000Plan 1500
on-network calls (mins)40030015060
on-network sms300240200120
Total Payment due upon application (1 month advance + unit cashout)16GB4,0003,0002,000 + 2,500 cashout = 4,5001,500 + 12,500 cashout = 14,000
32GB2,000 + 8,000 cashout = 10,0001,500 + 17,500 cashout = 19,000
64GB3,000 + 5,000 cashout = 8,0002,000 + 12,000 cashout = 14,0001,500 + 22,500 = 24,000

Globe Unli Data Plans (iPhone 4S)

Plan 3799Plan 2499Plan 1799
Comsumable (all-net calls & sms)2,8001,500800
Total Payment due upon application (1 month advance + unit cashout)16GB3,7992,4991,799 + 4,800 cashout = 6,599
32GB2,499 + 4,800 cashout = 7,2991,799 + 10,080 cashout = 11,879
64GB3,799 + 4,080 cashout = 7,8792,499 + 10,080 cashout = 12,5791,799 + 15,096 cashout = 16,895

Here are the Globe freebies you can choose and change as often as every month:  

A. 10 minutes call and 200 SMS to Globe/TM 
B. 5m call and 25 SMS to AllNet 
C. 10m IDD call and 10 SMS to abroad 
D. 3 hours free mobile web surfing
E. Unlimited Call and Text to 1 Globe/TM  


Based on the above tables I made, you can already get an idea on which is better in terms of pricing scheme. But to have a better look on which of the two postpaid plans gives the highest value, let’s compare their lowest postpaid plan offers: Smart Plan 1500 vs Globe Plan 1799. 

Smart Plan 1500 (16GB)Globe Plan 1799 (16GB)
Much lower monthly fee @ 1,500299 pesos higher than Smart
Bundled services are limited to Smart network onlyConsumables applicable to all networks
Higher unit cashout @ 12,500Lowest cashout @ 4,800
No freebiesWide range of freebies which you can choose and change as often as monthly
Smart has wider network coverageDecent network coverage
Bundled services has a total cost of:

Calls: 60 mins * 6.50 = 390
SMS: 120 text * 1.00 = 120
1 month unli net = 1,200

Php. 1,710

Comsumables + freebies can value up to: 

Comsumable = 800 
1 month unli net = 999 
3 freebies (ex: Freebie A x 3pcs) 
10mins * 6.50 = 65 x 3pcs = 195 200 texts * 1 = 200 x 3 pcs = 600 

Php. 2,594

Based on the table above, it is obvious that Globe gives you more value to what you are paying for due to its budled freebies aside from its consumable amount. Even if you compare it to the total cost of bundled services for Smart Plan 2000, Globe Plan 1799 is still a better choice.  

Smart Plan 2000 Bundled Services Cost 
Calls: 150 mins * 6.50 (per minute rate) = 975.00
SMS: 200 texts * 1.00 = 200.00
1 Month Unlimited Internet = 1,200.00

Total : Php 2,375 

With this, I recommend Globe iPhone 4S postpaid plan which is, as they say, the leader in postpaid.  

Final Words

To summarize, I would recommend Smart for prepaid plan which has cheaper unit cost compared to Globe. On the other hand, I would recommend Globe for postpaid plan aspirants as they give you more than what you are paying monthly. 

Also, I didn’t mention that Smart is offering a much cheaper postpaid plan at Php 999. Although this might look enticing due of its cheap price, don’t be deceived. The Smart iPhone 4S Plan 999 only gives you 100 minutes of Smart calls, 40 Smart text messages, and a 250 MB internet data every month. On top of that, you will pay an additional Php 999/month for the unit itself. In short, you will have a subscription fee of Php 1998/per month which I personally do not recommend. 

Tell me your thoughts about my analysis by leaving a comment below. Also, don’t forget to share this post to your friends by clicking the share buttons below.

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