Samsung Galaxy S II Review: Pros & Cons

samsung galaxy s2
Samsung Galaxy S II

Being a former owner of the recently hailed best smartphone at the Mobile World Congress 2012, the Samsung Galaxy S II, I am previleged enough to get a first hand experience on such a remarkable and note-worthy mobile device. For almost 3 months, it became my daily mobile buddy until I recently got a new phone and finally sold it.

Though it might seem late (but as the saying goes ‘better late than never’), here’s my short Samsung Galaxy S2 review (pros and cons) on what I like and I don’t like about the device.

Samsung Galaxy S2 – The Pros

1. Super Bright, Scratch Resistant Display

The number one feature that really attracted me when I first bought the device was it’s 4.3 inches Super AMOLED Plus display which perfect for watching videos, scanning through some images, and browsing the internet. Images looks so bright and crispier compared to other touch screen devices. Don’t forget the Gorilla Glass display coating which is super awesome that fully protects the screen from scratches and severe impact from ground falls.

2. Extra Fast

The SGS II comes with a 1.2 GHz dual-core Cortex-A9 processor, making it twice as fast in loading apps and games. Navigation feels very snappy when swiping the screen. Internet browsing also feels very seemless as rending web pages are now faster. Serious gamers will definitely love this device since playing resource-demanding games like Asphalt 5, Modern Combat 3, or ShadowGun is also not a problem with zero lags (although prolonged usage might heat up the device).

3. Super Slim and Lightweight

Another wow feature from Galaxy S2 is its super slim, sexy form factor with barely 8.5 millimeter thickness. It also feels very light on the hands which only weighs 116 grams. Though it’s back cover is made of semi-plastic material, it’s side edges however are covered with a metallic outline which I find very attractive and professional-looking.

4. The Camera

The Samsung Galaxy S2’s 8 megapixels rear camera is one of the bests in the market. But beyond the number, it captures images (3264×2448 pixels) and records videos (1080p @ 30fps) very well under good lighting conditions. I really like its autofocus feature. Also, don’t forget the 2 megapixels front facing camera which is also perfect for video calls like Skype.

samsung galaxy s2 camera sample
Samsung Galaxy S2: Camera Autfocus Sample

5. Decent Battery Life

One major concern of a comsumer buying a high end smartphone like SGS II is how long will the phone lasts in terms of battery. But as for my experience, the SGS II has a very decent battery life considering its high performance. With its 1650 mA standard battery, it can last my whole day of usage with casual internet browsing, playing games, and text messaging.

6. HSPA+ network support

Depending on your mobile network, SGS II can reach up to a freakishly fast 21 Mbps of internet speed. Luckily, there an HSPA+ cellular tower in my current place so I was able to utilize the feature although in a much lower speed compared to the commercial speed.

Samsung Galaxy S2 – The Cons

1. Not for all Hand Sizes

While I do have big hands, others which have much smaller hands might be having a hard time taking a grip with SGS II because of its 4.3-inch size. Other might find it disturbing and incovenient to use both their hands when creating a text message or composing an email.

samsung galaxy s2 screen protector

2.  Fingerprint-Prone Screen

Actually this is one problem of most touch screen mobile phones: fingerprint smudges. But since the Galaxy S2 has a wider, fully glass screen display, fingerprints becomes very noticeable even with an anti-fingerprint screen protector. I always bring with me a soft cloth to wipe it every now and then to make it look neat.

3. Almost Invisible Screen Under Sunlight

I’m really having a hard time using my SGS II when I’m outdoor and under direct sunlight. The Super AMOLED screen can be outshined by the sun; causing the screen to become barely visible. As a temporary solution, I need to adjust my screen brightness first to maximum which will mean more battery consumption. An anti-glare screen protector might help but haven’t tried it yet.

So there you go, my own Samsung Galaxy S II review; the Pros and Cons. Let me know what you think about SGS II by leaving a comment below. Don’t forget to subscribe to get more updates about the latest tech news.

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