How To Save A Web Page to PDF Format

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Save Web Page to PDF format

Are you one of the many internet users who are still manually copies and pastes information from the web to a Word document? Quit wasting your time doing such tedious task and save a bunch of papers just to print what you just “Googled”. You know, there’s a better and easier way of doing these things. A free online HTML to PDF converter can come to your rescue. And I will show you how.

There are a lot of day-to-day situations where an HTML to PDF convertion tool can come in handy. Here are some of its common uses:

1. Save a Wikipedia page for your research activity

2. Save an online tutorial page for offline reading

3. Save any web page for archive / compilation

How to Save Web Page to PDF format

There are a lot of free html to pdf converters available online. But among that I have tried, the one that I like best is this:

With this free online pdf converter, you can convert and save any URL / web pages into a single pdf file. What I like most about it is that it’s very straighforward and very easy to use. Just copy the URL of the web page you want to save, paste it in the box, then click “Convert to PDF“. It’s that simple.

Moreover, it doesn’t put any watermarks on the converted pdf unlike other free conversion tools online. Try it now!

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