Google Assistant: Siri for Android?

siri for android
Assistant: Siri for Android?

Siri, the famous virtual voice-enabled assistant by Apple, made a ground breaking attention when it was first introduced to mobile consumers together with the Apple’s latest flagship phone, the iPhone 4S. Now, latest reports tipped that Google is also preparing for a possible Siri competitor for Android devices called ‘Assistant‘.

Google Assistant is said to be a new and major service upcoming this year, 2012, by the search-engine giant. This so called “do engine” enables the user to speak or command to get answers from search engine and personalized results from services like Google+.

But Android users, don’t get your hooks up yet. Unlike Siri, Google Assistant won’t be a standalone application that you can download freely on Android Market. Reports suggest that Google will release it as an API (Application Programming Interface) for developers to use and integrate with their developed apps. So, once it has been released, expect more voice-enabled Android apps in the market. You can possible ask for nearby friends or restaurants in Foursquare android app? Or just speak your next status update for Google+? Possibly.

Google Assistant was tipped to be announced by the forth quarter of 2012.

Features and full capabilities of what Google Assistant can do is, so far, still unknown. But whether or not Assistant can really do what Siri can or even surpass it, we’ll all find out as this new Google service develops and gradually hatches in the coming months.

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