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Facebook Messenger for Windows

Just got a word that Facebook Messenger for Windows desktops has now been officially released by Facebook and is already available for public download on their website.

Facebook Messenger for Windows was first sighted last December when a beta tester promptly published the still half-baked application to the public. Today, Facebook has officially started rolling out their first desktop application which everyone can download through their Facebook Messenger Help Page.

Feel free to TRY it now!

Facebook Messenger for Windows

facebook messenger windows

The Facebook Messenger interface is very simple and has very basic functionalities. At the top portion, you will see icons for Friend Request, Messages, and Notifications. Below these icons comes the Facebook Ticker which gives you realtime updates about your friends’ Facebook activities.

Next comes the long list of Facebook friends available for chatting.

At the bottom of the app displays the standard Search Box, Settings icons, Dock / Undock button which docks and reserves the rightmost portion of your computer screen just for the Messenger app.

facebook messenger features

When you start a chat session / conversation with a friend, just double click the name and a new conversation will show up in the screen. You’ll also notice the neat conversation tabs at the bottom of the window for a less clutter chatting experience.

That’s pretty much about this Messenger for Windows.

Facebook Messenger for Mac

For Mac users, good news is that you’ll also receive Facebook Messenger but the sad news is you’ll have to wait for a couple more time as the developers are still on the process of making it. Still no definite time was given by the Facebook team as to when it will be available for Mac users.

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