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temple run cheat hack

Tired of being slipped on a cliff, drown on the swamp, struck by a tree, or toasted to fire when playing Temple Run? If you are lazy enough to beat your friends’ high scores, then you can try this “endless runningTemple Run cheat / hack.

Temple Run (by Imagi Studios) is a phenomenal, top grossing, and highly addictive free iOS game that will also soon be ported to Android and other mobile platforms. This heart-pumping game’s objective is to simply run as far as you can without tripping down on any traps. During the game, you can collect and earn coins which can be used to purchase game upgrades like powerups, utilities, and new characters. As the game progresses (the farther you reach), game setting starts to become harder (like a super maze) and your character start to run faster and faster; making it harder for you to reach the 5 Million or higher score bracket.

If you are a frustrated Temple Run gamer who wants to outrank friends by getting the highest possible score, then follow the steps below and take advantage of this small Temple Run glitch before it gets fixed.

Temple Run Endless Running Cheat / Hack

Step 1: Open Temple Run on your iDevice (iPod Touch, iPad, or iPhone).

Step 2: Under Options, change the Tutorial setting and Turn it ON.

Step 3: Click “Play” to proceed with the game.

Step 4: Play the game as usual. When you reach a curve, double swipe your screen to that curve’s direction as fast as you can. If successful, you will notice path now is always straight and game traps are also eliminated.

Step 5: You now have activated the endless running cheat for Temple Run. You can leave it overnight and see your score as it continue to increase.

Note: If you are using an iPad, powerups might appear in the game. However, for iPod Touch and iPhone users, powerups are disabled. Collecting coins is also not available for all iDevices using this hack.

Here’s a short video demonstration of this Temple Run Cheat :

PS: Using this Temple Run trick can kill to fun in the game. If you want to maximize your gaming experience, play the game FAIRLY. :)

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