iMessenger "Waiting for Activation" Fix & Solution

imessenger waiting for activation

Having problem using iMessenger or Facetime on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch because of its “Waiting for Activation” status? It also happened to me during my first few days upon the activation of my new iPhone 4S postpaid plan from Globe. Learn what I did to solve the waiting for activation error on iMessenger and Facetime.

iMessenger is a very cool feature included in the fifth and latest version of iOS by Apple. It adds native support to your favorite iDevice the ability to communicate for free to fellow iDevice owners using either Wifi or 3G connection. If you are subscribed to an unlimited data plan, then you can maximize this amazing service on your iPhone.

Like I said, for those who are having a hard time activating the service for the first time, follow the steps I enumerated below to solve the iMessenger waiting for activation status.

iMessenger “Waiting for Activation” Solution

  • 1. On you iPhone, go to Contacts.
  • 2. Create a new contact and save your own number. Make sure to add your number under the iPhone textbox using this format: country code + 10 digit number (ex: +63 XXX XXX XXXX)
  • 3. Go to Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars. Scroll down and press My Info. Now, select your contact information (the one you just created).
  • 4. Go to Settings > Phone. Verify your number is displayed using the format mentioned in step 2. If not, then select “My Number” and edit it following the correct format.
  • 5. Still under Settings > Phone, make sure that both “Show My Called ID” and “International Assist” are turned ON. 
  • 6. Next, go to Settings > Messages. Turn OFF iMessage and make sure your Apple ID is logged out too. Do the same procedure with your Facetime under Settings > Facetime.
  • 7. Do a Hard Reset: Press and hold both the Home button and Sleep / Wake button on top for approximately 10 seconds. You should see the Apple logo showing up. Just wait until your phone finishes starting up and displays 3G signal.
  • 8. Now, Turn ON both iMessenger and Facetime under Settings. Make sure NOT to select “Use your Apple ID” for both iMessenger and Facetime.
  • 9. Again, do a Hard Reset.
  • 10. When your phone powers up, leave your phone as it is for a few minutes (3G signal indicator must be present) and check back again later. After that, you will notice that the “Waiting for Activation” status has disappeared already and the “Received At” field displays your mobile number.
  • 11. Congratulations! You’re done. You’re iMessenger should look like this:
imessenger waiting for activation fix

How do you find the steps above? Did it work for you? Leave some comments below and share it to your friends by clicking the share buttons below. Enjoy!

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