7 Best Free Online Virus Scanners

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Free Online Virus Scanners

Suspecting your computer to be virus infected? Try to check computer for viruses using these 7 best online virus scanners available for FREE.

Harmful computer elements such as computer viruses, worms, spywares and malwares have already become part of daily computer usage. No matter how careful we are in protecting our computer from viruses, we still get them once in a while specially when we surf the internet or plugged in a virus infected storage device (like external hard drives or USB flash disks) with our trusted antivirus software not updated with the latest virus signatures or worst, unintentionally turned it off.

In unsure about your computer’s current state, you might want to read my previous articles regarding how to remove computer spywares and top 5 most common computer problems where I mentioned a number of indicators that might give you a hint that your computer is virus infected.

Benefits of using Free Online Virus Scanners

  • Diagnose / detect current threats to your computer without spending a dime penny.
  • Easy to use interface
  • If you plan to purchase an antivirus product, you can use their respective free online virus scanners to compare with other file virus scanners (like virus detection and disinfection rate)

Free Online Virus Scanners

For your convenience, I have compiled here the ten (10) best free online virus scanners you can readily access when you have an active internet connection. Just go to their respective websites then click the ‘scan my computer’ button to start the process.

Take note though that the total scan time will depend on two factors: (1) how big your files are and (2) how fast or slow your internet connection is.

1. Kaspersky Online File Scanner:

kaspersky online virus scanner

2. Bitdefender QuickScan Online Scanner:

bitdefender online virus scanner

3. Eset Free Online Virus Scan:

eset online virus scanner

4. Avast Online Scanner:

avast online virus scanner

5. Panda Active Scan Online Scanner:

panda online virus scanner

6. F-Secure Online Scanner:

fsecure online virus scanner

7. McAfee Security Scan Plus:

mcafee online virus scanner

Make use of these free online file virus scanners for optimize your PC performace.

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