5 Helpful Tips for Blogging Newbies

blogging advices
Blogging Advices

Are a newbie in blogging? Try these five simple tips on how to create and sustain your new blog.

If you are keen to develop and run a popular blog in your niche circle there is a word that you should always keep in mind always: FOCUS. To create a popular site, you need a lot of traffic and exposure to your blog that will boost your search engine rankings.

Here’s my five friendly “advices” you need to always keep in mind to firmly establish your blog in this huge blogosphere.

1. Passion & Patience (2P Win Strategy)

If you have a real passion for what you blog you will surely be there one day. Another side of your passion will be reflected in the consistency of your efforts. Blogging takes much time and effort to set your blog on the top so be patient and work according to your goals.

2. Fresh Content Matters

People always love to know new things so keep your readers fresh by updating latest updates in your niche; don’t give them a chance to jump from your blog to search for recent updates.

Bookmark or follow all latest news blogs on twitter so you will be instantly updated on happenings around your niche which will be very useful in updating your blog at regular intervals.

standout crowd

3. Stand out of Crowd

Blogging gives you the best chance to express yourself but along with the expression of the content that you post on your blog you should be always yourself. Don’t try to imitate others by what they are doing in their blog, by regularly publishing in this way you will develop a popular blog over time.

4. Build Relationship

Comments are very old link building techniques but in learning point of view it is an attempt to increase your blog traffic, you must go into community and visit other similar blogs in your niche to know what they are doing for their blog and how they are promoting their article. Join the conversation by commenting on their post; try to make useful comments rather than spamming them.

Make comment on do-follow blogs in your niche because they only pass link juice to your blog as a result you will get high SEO advantage.

5. Don’t forget Social Media

Your readers are already engaged in social networks sites so gather them under one roof and engage with them to create better relationship. Choose social media sites wisely which has good potential to drive exposure to your blog and become a part there. Engage them by updating your blog article, ask questions, start any poll and try to give monthly giveaways for your readers.

Hope these tips from my experience will nurture you to create a quality traffic and readership around your blog. Glad to know from you in comments.

Author: This is a guest post by Ron Davis. A freelance blogger and a passionate social media marketer, who is currently working on the site Gravity forms discount code where you can buy gravity forms at 40% off.

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