5 Best Ultra Thin iPhone 4S Cases

Planning to buy an iPhone 4S case for your super precious new iPhone? Choose only the best iPhone 4S cases by considering these five (5) best super thin cases for iPhone 4S compiled just for you.

When you first purchased your new iPhone 4S, the next and most important thing you must consider is how to protect and maintain your phone to look good as new at all times. Thus, iPhone accessories such as iPhone cases, covers, bumpers, and screen protectors are readily available on the market to help you preserve the beauty of your device.

There are different types of iPhone 4S cases and covers out there for you to choose from. They vary in terms of size (some are thick, thin), design (classy, cartoonish, girly), material used (rubber, leather, plastic, gelly type) and features (shock proof, scratch resistant, etc.). But choosing the best iPhone case that best fits you should still be based depending on your usage and preference.

If you prefer to protect your iPhone without sacrificing the beauty of its original physical design, then ultra thin iPhone 4S cases are your best choice.

5 Super Thin iPhone 4S Cases

membrane iphone case

1. Membrane iPhone 4S/ 4 Case

The Membrane iPhone 4S / 4 case grabs the top spot when it comes to thinness. With wall thickness of only 0.35 millimeters and weight of 0.1oz, this is truly the world’s thinnest and lightest iPhone 4S / 4 case available in the market today. The Membrane adds smooth scratch protection to the back and sides of your new iPhone with virtually no added bulk. Just among the cons of this iPhone case is that its super thinness might lessen its durability and overall protection capability.

Price: $14.99 | Link

2. Caze Zero 5 Ultra Thin iPhone Case

caze zero 5 iphone caseCaze Zero 5 ultra thin iPhone case is one the thinnest transparent iPhone case available in the market today with only 0.5 millimeters thickness. Compared to its predecessors, the Zero 5 iPhone 4S case has been greatly improved to become ultra durable, thinner, and more scratch resistant than before. This amazing iPhone case fits perfectly on any iPhone 4 or 4S device; protecting it both on the back and corner portions of your iPhone. With this on your iPhone 4S, you wouldn’t even notice the case itself from afar because of its super thin and transparent look.

Price: $19.90 | Link

nude iphone case3. NUDE case for iPhone 4S / 4 by SwitchEasy

NUDE™ is an ultra thin protection solution unlike any other in the market. It is said to be unique in its class as its thinner and tougher than any of its contenders. Measuring in at a tiny 1.0 millimeters thin, its manufacturer believes that it is the optimum thickness which gives enough phone protection while still being thin enough to go unnoticed – its as naked as it can be. This amazing product is made from super strong polycarbonate material with revolutionary duo UV scratch resistant gloss coating. It also comes in different colors.

Price: $19.99 | Link

4. Pinlo Slice 3 for iPhone 4S

pinlo slice 3 iphone caseThe Pinlo Slice 3 for iPhone 4S is another major contenter for the world’s thinnest iPhone case measuring only 0.35 millimeters (same as Membrane) and weighs 0.35 grams. Slice 3 is a custom-fitted case for iPhone 4S; allowing complete accessibilty to all ports and buttons. Same as Membrane, Slice 3 also comes in four (4) different colors: Black, White, Blue, and Pink. One major disadvantage though about this iPhone case is its expensive price compared to its close competitor.

Price: $25.95 | Link

5. Incipio Ultra Thin Feather Case for iPhone 4S / 4

incipio ultra thin feather iphone case

Measuring less than 1 millimeter thin, Incipio’s Ultra Light Feather Case is ideal for the Apple iPhone user seeking inconspicuous, first-class protection. Feather is made of an ultra light, ultra strong polymer for light as a feather, form-fitting durable protection without the added bulk. Feather features a soft touch matte finish. Feather by Incipio is so thin that it allows the Apple iPhone to be used with many of the docks on the market.

A major pro about this iPhone case is its very cheap price and wide variety of colors to choose from.

Price: $4.95 | Link

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