1 Month Free Facebook Access (Globe Users)

Free Facebook on Globe

Great news to all Globe prepaid and postpaid subscribers out there! Earlier today, Globe has secretly launched a free full-site Facebook access promo to all its valued subscribers starting today until March 14, 2012. Yes you heard it right! You can now post your status update, upload your photos, chat with your Facebook friends all for FREE for one (1) month!

This move by Globe must be their counter offer against Smart’s FREE 25MB consumable mobile internet data offered every Monday (valid for 1 day only). With these two promos compared, I think Globe has the upper hand since most mobile users today uses Facebook more frequently compared to other sites. Although you can’t use Twitter with this new Globe promo, what could you ask for more if you were given a month of FREE full website Facebook access which you can bring with you anywhere, right?

How to Get Free Facebook on Globe

Here’s how to get your FREE one month Facebook access with Globe. Just grab your mobile phone or your broadband (USB) dongle and text FREE FB and send to 8888. It’s as simple as that.

Globe Promo Details

  • This promo is open to all Globe prepaid and postpaid subscribers (not yet sure if applicable also for Touch Mobile subscribers). 
  • For mobile phone users, you can start using your free Facebook access by browsing through http://m.facebook.com.
  • To check status, text FREE FB STATUS to 8888. To stop the service, text FREE FB STOP to 8888. Stopping the service will automatically forfeit remaining days available. 
  • Promo is NOT open to Opera Mini browser users (use your default phone web browser only). 
  • Regular browsing rates apply when accessing other links (ex: Youtube, Yahoo, etc), unless registered to an internet promo.
  • This promo is guided by Globe Acceptable Terms on Fair Use. 
  • Promo is valid until March 14, 2012 only.

Text FREE FB to 8888 now and start your free Facebook connection. If you find this article helpful, don’t hesitate to share it to your friends by clicking the share buttons below. Happy mobile surfing!

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