How to Backup Android using Titanium [Step by Step Tutorial]

android backup titanium

Learn how to backup and restore your Android phone using Titanium Backup Pro.

Android phones are very common nowdays. Its versatility and constant evolution makes it at par with other competing brands and even surpass them. But more than the physical phone, data stored inside it such as phone contacts, document files, call logs, and other important notes are the most valuable. That is why, it is a good practice to backup Android and its benefits are quite self explanatory. So if you haven’t started backing up your Android phone yet, one best way to do it is by using a third party app over the Android Market called Titanium Backup. Follow these short tutorial on how to use Titanium to backup your Android phone.

Backup Prerequisites

Before you can create a full backup for your Android phone, first you need to meet these following requirements:

    titanium backup icon

  • 1. Must have a rooted Android phone (with Superuser Application) – If your phone is not yet rooted or you don’t have any idea what it means and how to do it, Google is your friend! Just try to type in “how to root ” and you’re good to go. The Superuser app usually comes preinstalled when you root your device but just in case you don’t have it, you can download it here for free: DOWNLOAD 
  • 2. Intall Titanium Backup Pro Application – you can download it HERE. Once downloaded, extract the zipped file. Install first Titanium Backup and once done, don’t open it yet. Install TBPatcher, open TBPatcher App then press the “Press to Activate” button. Now launch the Titanium Backup App and press “Allow” once a Superuser Request window pops up in your phone screen.

How to Backup your Android phone using Titanium

1. Click the Titanium Backup icon to lauch the application.
2. On the top of the screen, select the “Backup/Restore” tab.

backup android using titanium

3. Titanium Backup allows you to select single or multiple applications to include in a backup.

  • 3.1 If you want to backup only certain apps, just click on the app you want then select “Backup“. Wait for it to prompt that the backup was completed successfully.
titanium backup tutorial
  • 3.2 To create a full backup for your Android phone (Apps + Data), click on your phone’s menu button, then select “Batch“.

    • Click the “Run” button beside “Backup all user apps + system data“. (Note: There are also other available choices depending on your backup preference. See screenshot below.)
    • A new screen will appear which allows you to uncheck any apps you want to exclude from the backup. You will also notice that the “Pause” selection botton is selected by default. Just keep it that way then click “Run the batch operation” on top.
    • Just wait for the backup to finish and you’re DONE. 
    • Note: By default, your backup was saved on your phone’s internal storage (SD Card) under the TitaniumBackup folder. If you want to change the backup destination, just hit the “Menu > Preferences > Backup folder location” and change it let’s say to your external memory card.

How to Restore using your Titanium Backup

1. Open the Titanium Application.
2. Click on Menu, and select “Batch“.
3. Scroll down until you reach the “Restore” section.
4. Click the “Run” button beside the “Restore all apps with data“.

  • A new screen will appear which allows you to uncheck any apps you want to exclude from the restoration. Just keep the “App+Data” selected if you choose to fully restore your phone to its previous state.
restore android titanium backup
  • Wait for the restoration procedure to finish and you’re DONE.

Some useful questions about Titanium Backup

1. If I uninstalled Titanium App, wiped my phone, upgraded by Android to a newer version or a custom ROM, will it erase my previous backups too?

  • No, unless you formatted / re-partitioned your phone’s internal storage (SD Card) where the default backup folder resides. Wiping your phone or uninstalling only the Titanium App, will not format your phone storage so it should be okay. But just to be sure, it is recommended to change your default backup folder to your external memory card (micro SD) as it will not be affected when you totally upgrade your phone.

For more information on how to use Titanium Backup, you can visit their user’s guide page HERE. If you have other questions, just leave a comment below and i’ll try to answer them as soon as I can.

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