Xfinity Internet Service: Advantages & Benefits

xfinity internetNot sure what I was thinking there, hope it got your attention! Internet technology has been improving ever since day one and it still is, downturn or otherwise. While the world falls apart at its fiscal seams, the internet provided by the major players continues to get slicker, faster and smoother – so let’s just hope there’s still an economy left for use to use to pay for it, now that it’s going global…

Unlike the world economy, which is rapidly being revealed to be useless, modern internet service provision (take the Xfinity internet service provided by Comcast, for example) has just moved into a new phase of extreme usability. Gone are the days when you had a second phone line for your net connection. Gone too are the days when that net connection worked at subsonic speeds while your modem creaked and whined like a beached dolphin.

The Xfinity service allows customers to choose all or any of three prongs of communications provision: phone, TV and internet. That’s not all though. Not only does the service – and others like it, offered by Time Warner, AT&T and Verizon to name but some – allow you to receive crystal clear TV, mega fast internet and easy to use VoIP: it also allows you to fuse their functionality so your home starts to experience the true power of cross channel communication.

comcast xfinity
TV, Internet, and Phone: All in one

For all of you fortunate to have had nothing to do with business over the last few years, I’ll break that down for you. Cross channel communication is a fancy way of saying that you use all sorts of different stuff to do the same thing. So for example you might phone someone to tell them something or you might update your social network status to tell everyone all at once. The message is the same, the way you spread it is different. But – and here’s the exciting bit – the engine that powers your sending it, whether it’s a phone call or a blanket status update – is the internet.

Xfinity internet gives you the speed and power to do this from home while you are using the net for other things. So you might be watching your favorite TV show – which you are getting in glorious digital clarity through the same line that delivers your internet and your phone – and updating your friends about what’s going on – right there on your TV screen, and on your Facebook or other social media page at the same timer.

Modern communications service provision is in this sense turning your home into a cloud consumer – a place where you take what you need from the “Cloud” of the net, consuming the same power on a variety of different devices and for a bunch of different purposes. And with the speed and strength of the new generation of Xfinity (and other) connections, multiple users can do that all over your house, plus on mobile devices locked onto the same signal.

In effect, Comcast and co are now selling you the signal, which you can use in any way you see fit. You’re tapped into the source – where you choose to go from there is entirely up to you. Enjoy the ride. 

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Lisa Jane is associated with various internet security related companies as their freelance and staff writer. She has been linked with some of the best web media companies and offers various ways for internet solutions. She excels in writing articles related to internet security, internet plans, Xfinity internet solutions, comcast deals etc.

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