Top 5 Online Jobs for Beginners

online jobs for beginners
Top Online Jobs for Beginners

There’s always a job opportunity for everyone in the internet even for starters! Take a look at these top online jobs with no experience required I’ve compiled and pick a your own online job.

Online job is a very popular choice for unemployed individuals nowadays. With just a stable internet connection and a little web skills, you can start earning online in the convenience of your own home (work at home). Even for starters, some online jobs doesn’t really require experience or any advanced skills; employers are, in fact, willing to provide online training for suitable applicants. So if you are a newbie, don’t hesitate to try and apply for an online job you think you can deliver and possibly hone your skills.

Aside from convenience, online jobs for starters can also be a good source of income; with salary ranging from $250 to $800 dollars monthly. Keep in mind that salary is based on performance; therefore, expect a salary increase as you develop your skills and finish a good output.

Top 5 Online Jobs for Beginners

article writer1.) Article (SEO) Writer Article writers are in the top in terms of in demand online job for beginners. Different online businesses own a website which requires to be updated with new and fresh content as frequent as possible. This is where article writers will come in. The job is simple: create a good article that are both attractive to readers and search engine friendly. As long a you know how to construct a good article (correct grammar and spelling), then you are good for this job. Accuracy and speed is a key to become a successful article (seo) writer.

2.) Link Builder / SEO Specialist – With the emergence of online businesses aspiring to get a top rank in Google search, link builders and SEO specialists made it one of the top in demand online jobs. A link builder’s responsibility includes gathering a lot of incoming links to its employer’s website by (1) submitting articles to article directories, (2) blog commenting, (3) link exchanges, (4) creating social media pages, and many more. Though this job will require a little understanding about search engine optimization (SEO), trainings will surely be provided by the employer to get you through with the job.

3.) Typist / Transcriptionist – Typists and other data entry jobs are also in demand nowadays. One of the most easiest online job, a typists responsibility is to encode and provide a digital copy of an audio or video file; translated into text. Employers will supply you the file and you just have to type what you hear. Like article writers, accuracy (free from typographical errors) and speed (typing speed) is a key to become a successful typist and earn more dollars. Click here to learn how to type fast.

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4.) Virtual Assistant  – Virtual Assistants (VA) are also included in the top online jobs. A virtual assistant’s job is to provide assistance (be an online secretary) scheduling appointments, client calls, and do some online paper works. A stable internet connection is required to become a virtual assistant since you will communicating with your employer (boss) most of the time. Skype installation is also a must for voice and video calls.

5.) English Tutors – If you are good in English grammar and language, then you can become a good online English tutor. With Skype installed in your PC, you can start earning from home by teaching English to online students who wants to learn English. In terms of salary, your income is on hourly basis. Therefore, the longer the tutorial takes, the higher your income will be.

So there it goes for my top 5 online jobs for beginners. Dedication and perseverance will help you become successful in all these online jobs. Just continue to develop skills and experience as you go through.

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