Share Blackberry Internet to a PC or Laptop

tethering blackberry
Blackberry phone as internet modem

Do you own a Blackberry phone? Learn how to tether or share internet connection of your Blackberry mobile device to your PC or laptop. Here’s a short tutorial on how to configure your Blackberry phone as internet modem.

One smart way to connect to the internet without using a mobile broadband dongle is through your mobile phone’s internet. Blackberry phones and devices are known for its unlimited internet coverage using the Blackberry Internet Service or BIS. So, if you are always on the go and happen to have a Blackberry phone with you, then you might want to take advantage of its internet connection by sharing it to your PC or laptop for a smoother and faster internet browsing.

But first thing’s first, before you can share your Blackberry internet connection to a PC or laptop, your Blackberry device must support tethering modem capability. Most Blackberry phones supports tethering (especially the new ones) but if you’re not sure if your phone is tether capable, you can either check your Blackberry manual or Google it instead.

How to Tether Blackberry Internet on PC / Laptop

To start sharing your Blackberry internet connection to your PC or laptop, you need to have:

  • Blackberry Desktop Software installed in your PC or laptop. Download the latest version here.
  • a micro USB data cable to connect your Blackberry phone to your PC or laptop

Step 1: Open your Blackberry Desktop Software and connect your Blackberry phone in your PC or laptop using the micro USB data cable.

Step 2: Click the Mobile Internet button on the bottom left side of the window.

blackberry desktop software

Step 3: A new window will appear asking for the profile of your wireless service provider. On the drop down option, select the service provider your are using on your Blackberry phone then click OK.

blackberry desktop software settings

Step 4: A notification will appear on your desktop when it has successfully connected to the web via the BlackBerry data connection. That’s it. You’re done!

One important reminder though. To avoid any unwanted or excess bill changes from your service provider, it is important to ask them first about the coverage of your current subscription plan (whether or not internet access billing is fixed or pay as you go).

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