Revive a Water Damaged iPhone

water damage iphone
Water Damaged iPhone

iPhone Water Damage Solution. How to repair water dipped iPhone.

Got a water damaged iPhone? Did you accidentally dropped your iPhone in a paddle of water? This kind of problem is common not only for iPhone but for most mobile phones and other hand carry gadgets. In the case of your iPhone, it’s obvious that water damage is not covered for repairs under your iPhone warranty. This leaves most users like you to seek professional help by sending your phone too authorized iPhone repair and service shops for a fee.

If you accidentally wet your iPhone, don’t fret yet because there’s still hope. Before considering for an iPhone screen replacement, you can try these simple steps to fix your water damaged iPhone and get it back to normal.

Fix a Water Damage iPhone

Before trying to fix your water-damaged iPhone, the first step to do is do not attempt to turn on the device or connect it to a power source. You might wonder how will you know if your phone still works if you won’t turn it on? Yes it may be true but better be on the safe side. If you turn on any electronic device which was spilled with water, chances are: it will short circuit; causing you more trouble if the hardware components get damaged.

ziploc bags

What you will need:

  • A water-damaged iPhone
  • Electric fan
  • Transparent Ziploc bag (or an airtight plastic container)
  • A number of Silica gel packets
  • Uncooked dry rice (if you don’t have Silica gel)

Follow these steps:

1. Shake off the extra water inside your iPhone. Try to be careful and secure a tight grip of your iPhone to avoid slipping it to your hands and cause serious breakage from falling.

2. Once the water has finally taken off, blow it with air using an electric fan. You can do this until the exterior part of your iPhone has completely dried.

silica gel packets

3. Using a Ziploc bag, place your Silica gel packets together with your iPhone inside it. Make sure it’s securely closed. Similarly, you can use uncooked dry rice and an airtight plastic container (like Lock & Lock containers) instead of those two.

4. Leave the Ziploc bag or plastic container for two (2) to five (5) days. This will let the Silica gel or rice to absorb moisture coming from the water.

5. Once done, try switching ON your iPhone and see if it still works. Do a thorough check (try typing on your touchscreen, call and send a message, test your camera and speakers, etc.) to identify possible problems after the water damage. If everything worked fine, then you are LUCKY enough.

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