How to Repair a Scratched / Unreadable CD or DVD

recover damaged disk
Repair Scratched CD / DVD

Can a damaged or severely scratched CD / DVD still be recovered or repaired? This is also the question (recover damaged disk) I’ve been wondering myself for the past few days.

CDs and DVDs still remain as conventional portable storage device for saving important files and documents. While portable USB flash disk and hard disk drives (HDD) are common nowadays, the use of CD and DVD are still widely observed by many; especially for computers with blocked USB ports. While this is true, compact disks life span, however, deteriorates the more you use it. Disk scratches caused by frequent use might make your CD / DVD unreadable and lost your data.

I, too, have a bunch of those damaged and unreadable CDs and DVDs which I want to repair. While searching the internet, I found a simple and effective way to recover damaged disk (CD or DVD) worth sharing.

Repair Scratched CD / DVD

cd repair toothpaste

Option #1: The power of toothpaste – It might sound odd but rubbing a toothpaste on your CD’s surface can help you repair those CD scratches. Toothpaste is proven to cover those holes in the polycarbonate plastic layer of a CD; thus making the scratches disappear or minimized. This will help your optical disk to read your CD better by removing deflection of the laser beam.

Here’s how to repair CD using toothpaste:

1. Clean the surface of your damaged CD / DVD with a clean soft cloth.
2. Apply a small amount of toothpaste to a soft cloth or cotton swab.
3. Gently rub the toothpaste solution on your damaged CD starting from the center going outwards to the edge of the CD.
4. Continue the process until the scratches have disappeared or almost visually invisible.
5. Gently rinse the CD with water then dry.

When you are done, try to place your newly repaired CD or DVD on your optical disk drive (CD-ROM) and see if it works.

free data recovery tool

Option #2: Use CD Data Recovery Tools

If the above option does not work for you, try using a free CD data recovery tool like this one: download here. Just install the program and run it.  This free data recovery program will search for files available in your damaged CD and try to recover them by saving it to your local disk. Simple and fast!

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