Firefox 8 Now Available for Download

firefox 8

Firefox 8 is now available for download on Mozilla’s FTP site, a day before the Firefox 8 release date – November 8th. Update your Firefox web browser now and get an early glimpse of Firefox 8!

Mozilla is really living up their rapid application development cycle by releasing a major browser version in just 8 weeks (about less than 2 months) after Firefox 7 was released for public download. As expected, Firefox releases are available on Mozilla ftp servers where they can be downloaded by enthusiasts and security conscious users early.

What’s new in Firefox 8?

firefox 8 final
Firefox 8 final build

There’s really nothing new in terms of the user interface. Firefox 7 and Firefox 8 have similar designs. But one new feature is that Firefox itself now handles third party add-on installations to avoid security problems from sketchy extensions. Firefox 8 now also has built-in support to search Twitter messages in the browser’s address bar.

Firefox users can furthermore configure the browser to only load the selected tab on browser start, and the remaining ones once they are activated by the user. This can speed up the start significantly. The feature can be enabled under Tools > Options > General. Ofcourse, security updates and fixes are also included for browser stability and smoother & faster internet surfing experience.

Firefox 8.0 is a free download for Windows, Mac, and Linux. Check out the links below.

Firefox 8 for Windows | Firefox 8 for Mac | Firefox 8 for Linux

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