Effectively Remove Ants on your Laptop Computer

laptop ants
Ants on Laptop

Simple and Effective way to Remove Ants on your Laptop Computer. Got ants crawling inside your laptop computer? Here’s a simple and effective solution to remove ants on your laptop.

You might be laughing how I got ants in my laptop? Though this might sound odd, having ants on laptop computers are common for most laptop users. Why do ants stay in computers in the first place? The most common cause of it is that ants get attracted with small food spills left under small openings in your laptop like keyboard slots, trackpad and screen edges, speaker holes, and many more. Using your laptop while eating chips and other food prone for spills increases the risk of getting ants on your laptop computer.

While others pay less attention to this problem, ants inside your computer can potentially destroy small and delicate interior hardware components of your PC. Who does want to spend their extra money to buy computer parts or pay for computer repair, right? Better follow this simple tips to get rid of ants in your laptop.

Tips to Avoid Ants on Laptop Computer

1.) Don’t eat beside your Laptop – the best thing avoid ants in your laptop is to get rid of the only thing that attracts them – FOOD. Just like any other gadget, avoid your laptop from getting food spills that could entice ants to march on your device. Move away or maintain a distance from your laptop if your really want to eat something.

silicone keyboard protector

2.) Buy a Silicone Keyboard Protector – Food spills in laptops usually fall under small holes of your laptop keyboard. So to avoid not just food spills but dusts too, it’s better to buy a silicone keyboard protector / cover to protect your laptop from dirt. Laptop silicone keyboard protectors will only cost you a little (prices ranging from $1.75 to $25) compared to a laptop repair fee.

3.) Clean your computer regularly – Develop a habit of cleaning your laptop computer at least once in two weeks. Aside from making it look neat, it also helps extend your laptop’s life span by getting rid of harmful substances like dusts and dirt. To clean your computer, make sure to unplug and shut off your laptop first. Apply a liquid cleaning solution into a soft cloth and gently wipe it to your laptop’s surface.

How to Remove Ants on Laptop Computer

If you already got ants on your laptop computer, you can follow this simple yet effective solution to remove ants on your laptop. (credit goes to FertileForest of Hubpages)

remove laptop computer ants

1.) You’ll need a tray which can hold water.
2.) You’ll need something stable which can sit in the water. If you use a bowl it needs to be heavy or it will float.
3.) You’ll need a stick or wooden cooking spoon or something about that length which will not slip if you lean it.
4.) You’ll need a laptop infested with ants. This solution is for serious laptop ants. If you’ve only got one or two, just brush them off.
5.) Now fill the tray with water. It doesn’t need to be full. Just enough to cover the bottom. Put it somewhere where it will not be disturbed.
6.) Place your stand in the center of the tray.
7.) Making sure the laptop is off and unplugged, place it carefully on the stand. Be sure that nothing but the stand underneath is touching the laptop.
8.) Lean the spoon or stick so that it touches the laptop and the surface that the tray is sitting on.
9.) Leave the set-up overnight.

Try these simple tips and solution and you won’t see ants crawling again from your laptop computer. If you like this article, share it to your friends by clicking the share buttons found below.

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