Effective Tips to Increase Windows Start Up Speed

increase windows start up speed
Windows 7: Start Up Screen

Are you struggling from a very slow start up speed on your Windows computer? If you are tired of waiting too long to completely load your Windows machine, then try applying these simple and effective tips to increase Windows start up speed.

One of the most common Windows problem among Windows users is a very slow boot speed during computer start up.While some users tend to ignore and pay less attention to such slow down, optimizing your PC like increasing the PC start up speed can greatly benefit each Windows users in terms of time and effort. During the PC optimization process, you can also diagnose your machine for possible computer errors and problems; thus, saving you more money to fix it before things get worst.

There are a lot of reasons to a very slow Windows start up. As you go through these tips, you will be guided about the possible causes and how to fix it the simple way.

Tips to Increase Windows Start Up Speed

Tip #1: Disable unnecessary programs during start up.

windows system configuration
Windows System Configuration

One possible cause why it takes too much time to load Windows is because of unnecessary programs automatically running during start up. Each start up program can take from seconds to minutes to fully load; thus if you have a lot of programs running during Windows start up, then your loading time will also lengthen.

As a solution, try to get rid of these unnecessary programs from running automatically during computer start up. Click Start > Run > type msconfig > Enter. Once the Sytem Configuration window appears, click on Startup tab. Here you will see the full list on programs running during Windows start up. To disable a start up program, just uncheck the checkbox beside the program name then click Apply.

As a best practice, you should manually disable only those unnecessary programs and leave some applications checked such as your antivirus, firewall, and audio & video drivers. The lesser the list, the faster your star up speed will be.

Tip #2: Scan your PC for Viruses & Spywares

computer virus

Another great contributor for slowing down computers are viruses and spywares. Viruses and spywares not only slows down your computer’s performance but also posing a great threat in damaging your important files and exploiting them to other parties. It is for this reason that you should try to get rid of them as much as possible by installing the best antivirus & antispyware software on your computer.

Once you have purchased and installed an antivirus / antispyware software on your computer, do a full system virus scan to check for possible infections and remove spywares and viruses once they are detected. Also, try to do a regular virus scan or better yet schedule a full system scan once a month to maintain a good PC performance.

Tip #3: Perform regular disk cleanup and defragmentation

windows system tools

Another perfect way to increase your Windows start up speed is to ensure optimal pc performance by doing a regular disk cleanup and disk defragmentation. If your disk files are very cluttered or too fragmented, chances are: your disk takes longer to access your data thus can potentially increase waiting time.

To do a disk cleanup and defrag, you can utilize Windows free system tools which can be accessed by clicking Start > Program Files > Accessories > System Tools. Run the Disk Cleanup and Disk Defragmenter one at a time at least once a month to clean your system and fix possible errors.

Those are my top 3 most effective tips to speed up Windows start up. Don’t forget to restart your computer once your done performing the above tips. After doing so, you will surely notice a great improvement on your start up speed.

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