Add Album Artwork on iTunes: Automatically & Manually

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Learn how to add album artwork on iTunes, automatically or manually!

If it’s your first time to use iTunes and import all songs available in your PC, you will probably notice that some songs doesn’t have an album covert art displayed. This is common especially for songs that are downloaded individually via the internet. Also, some might not be using the official album cover art for that album or song; thus, you need to change them with the official one.

There are two (2) ways on how to add an album cover artwork in iTunes. You can do it automatically or you can do it yourself manually. 

Add iTunes Album Artwork Automatically

To automatically add an album artwork in iTunes, you need to:

1.) Sign in first on iTunes Store using your Apple ID and password. If you don’t have one, you can create an Apple ID here.

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2.) Once you’re done, select the song or songs you want to add or change the cover artwork. Right click your mouse then select ‘Get Album Artwork‘. It will now search the iTunes database for the official album artwork and will show it once found.

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If you want to get album artwork for all your songs, just click ‘Advanced‘ on iTunes top menu, then select ‘Get Album Artwork‘.

In some cases where the album artwork cannot be found in iTunes, try to correct and complete your song or album information (like song title/name, artist, and album name) so that iTunes can find the correct album artwork. If you still get the same error after doing so, that song or album might not yet included in iTunes’ database; thus, you need to manually add the album artwork yourself.

Add iTunes Album Artwork Manually

To manually add an album artwork in iTunes, you can do it by individual song or by group:
(Note: Before you can add an album artwork manually, you must download first the official cover / artwork in your local drive. Use the Google image search to find the appropriate cover or artwork)

1.)  Individual song:

– Select the song > Right click > select ‘Get Info
– Under the ‘Artwork’ tab, click the ‘Add’ button.
– Locate where you save your downloaded artwork then click ‘OK’.

2.) Group of songs:

– Select all the songs you want to have the same album artwork
– Right click > select ‘Get Info’
– When asked, just click ‘Yes’
– Under the ‘Info’ tab, mark / check the ‘Artwork’ checkbox on the lower right side of the window.
– Drag the download image to the box
– Click OK.

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