5 Best Must Have Accessories for New iPad 2

ipad 2 accessories
Must have iPad 2 accessories

Happy with your new iPad 2 tablet? Customize and add more value to your new Apple iPad 2 device by looking into these five (5) popular iPad 2 accessories used by your fellow iPad2 users.

Apple’s iPad 2 is by far the best tablet available in the market and a number of iPad reviews by tech enthusiasts have already testified this claim. Now that you managed to buy a new iPad, the next thing you should consider is to buy some accessories for iPad 2 to customize and possibly extend its usefulness. There are a lot of iPad2 accessories available in the online market to choose from like iPad cases and covers,  screen protectors, wireless keyboards, iPad docks, iPad connectors, and many more.

Meanwhile, here are a list of best iPad 2 accessories and essential gadgets you can’t afford not to have for your new iPad tablet.

5 Must Have iPad 2 Accessories

smart cover
Apple Smart Cover

1. iPad Cases & Covers

The number one must have iPad accessory in your list should definitely include iPad cases and covers. iPad case and covers help you protect your new iPad from scratches, spills, and screen cracks from accidental falling. iPad cases also make it more stylish and personalized depending on your preference.

One of the best iPad cases and covers available on online shops would include Apple’s own Smart Cover which intuitively sleeps and wakes up your iPad as you open and close the cover. Smart Cover can also transform into a mini iPad stand or dock for better surface angle when typing. It is also available in 10 different colors.

ipad cases

Other best alternative for Smart Cover are iPad portfolio type cases. They are very stylish and professional looking which is best for both business and casual users. Click here to browse more iPad 2 cases available online.

2. iPad Wireless Keyboards

ipad keyboard

A wireless or bluetooth keyboard is also a must have for any iPad tablet. While the default touch screen keyboards is convenient, a separate wireless keyboard will enable you to type fast and finish your data encoding early.

If you are planning to buy one, you can consider Apple’s iPad keyboard dock which aside from providing a keyboard and dock in one, it also charges your iPad and allows syncing of data to your computer.

If you want an iPad wireless keyboard you can bring anytime, consider some iPad cases with built in keyboards on them. Top choices are ZAGGmate, Belkin, and Targus keyboard cases.

ipad screen protector

3. iPad Screen Protector

Scratches on iPad screen makes your tablet less attractive that’s why you should consider buying an iPad screen protector to avoid scratches. There are a lot of screen protector for iPad available on Amazon for a very cheap price of less than $10.

For best results, choose the most transparent iPad screen protector to make it invisible as much as possible. 

4. iPad Digital AV Adapter

ipad adapter

A digital AV adapter is another must have iPad 2 accessory if you have ever wished the screen on your iPad was bigger. Plugging this into the iPad’s connectivity port will mirror the iPad’s display onto any HDMI-compatible screen. This lets you watch your movies, show off presentations, photos or even your latest high-score on a high definition (HD) screen.

The digital audio video adapter also has a 30 pin dock connector allowing you to charge your iPad while it is connected to a screen.
ipad car charger
5. iPad Car Charger

Car charger for iPad is really helpful for iPad users who are always on the go. If your iPod 2 happen yo run out of juice when you are on the road, an iPad car charger is your savior.

The best iPad car chargers only cost less than $30 so it’s a best practice to buy one now at the nearest Apple Store.

So there you go! That’s the list of 5 must have iPad 2 accessories for your new iPad 2. Try to have at least two or three of them (if not all) to fully maximize your iPad tablet.

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