10 Professional Adsense Ready Blogger Templates

ads ready blogger templates
Professional Blogger Blogspot Templates

In my quest to share free adsense ready blogger blogspot templates, I’ve found 10 best professional looking blogger templates to help you monetize your blogger blog.

Blogging is really the easiest way to earn passive income online for starters. Aside from killer content, one factor in making a successful blog is choosing the best and optimized blogger template to customize your website. Well placed blog sections (blog post, content ads, search bar, navigation links, etc.) can make a great impact on your blog’s overall performance. Neatness and professionalism is the key to maximize your blog earnings.

If you have a Google blogger / blogspot blog, then review your current blog design and consider these 10 professional and adsense ready blogger templates you might wanna like.

10 Professional Ads Ready Blogger Templates

1. Woothemes News Magazine Blogger Templates

2. Woothemes The Gazette Edition Blogger Template

3. Shoutmeloud Thesis Theme for Blogger

4. Ads Theme Blogger Template

5. Arthemia: Magazine Style Blogger Template

6. Mad Magazine Blogger Template

7. Ads Template Pro Blogger Template

8. Simple News Blogger Template

9. Magazine Newsweek Blogger Template

10. Mashable 2 Blogger Template

If you’ll notice, all free blogger templates have white background color. It’s because according to Google Adsense experts, ads are likely to be clicked this way. Always blend your ads with your template (adjust the ad text and link color) to better get a higher click through rate.

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