Run Android Apps on Windows PC

Want to play your favorite android apps or games in your Windows PC? You can do this now using an amazing software called BlueStacks.

BlueStacks is an Android app player for Windows-based PCs (working on both 32-bit and 64-bit versions).  This new PC application lets you run Android OS seamlessly with Windows and play your favorite android applications directly on your PC without the need of rebooting or restarting your Windows machine. When installed, BlueStacks comes with 10 pre-loaded apps along with an option to add custom apps. You can either download new apps from the BlueStacks Channel or push your favorite apps from your Android phone to your PC via BlueStacks Cloud Connect.

Run Android Apps on Windows PC

I tried and installed BlueStacks in my Windows 7 64-bit laptop and it works perfectly. After installation, an Android gadget will appear on your Windows gadget sidebar. Clicking on the gadget will show you a number of pre-installed apps and games for Android.

I tried playing the Aporkalypse android game and it works very well. The game plays in full screen mode and the music & sound are in sync. I did not encounter any performance or compatibility related issues. It just works perfectly. Here’s a screenshot:

Here’s another screenshot for the Drag Racing android game:

When in full screen mode, notice that at the bottom, you have Menu, Rotate, Zoom and All Apps buttons in the center with app navigation and close buttons at either side. The Zoom button switches between full-screen and standard view modes. Clicking the All Apps button will show the BlueStacks gadget with the App Tray.

Download Additional Android Apps

There are two (2) options you can add additional android apps in BlueStacks. First, you can download android apps from BlueStacks Channels by clicking the ‘Get More Apps‘ icon in the widget app tray. This will require you to login with your Facebook account first. Once logged in, you can choose and install an app by clicking the Subscribe button under it.

If you have an Android phone or device, another way of adding android apps in BlueStacks is to push the apps from your Android device to your PC by using the BlueStacks Cloud Connect option. To do this, you must first install the BlueStacks Cloud Connect app on your Android phone from the Android Market.

Once installed, open the Cloud Connect page on your PC’s browser to receive a Phone PIN. Open the app on your phone, enter the PIN and tap OK. You will now be able to see a list of all your apps inside BlueStacks Cloud Connect. Check the app that you want to push to your PC and tap Sync.

Download BlueStacks

BlueStacks is still in early development (alpha) stage and only available for Windows Vista and Windows 7 users only as of the moment. The free version will let you install up to 26 android apps and games. Download now.

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