iPhone 5 Final Mockup Design Released

The closest iPhone 5 prototype before the expected release date, October 4th, is finally revealed!

A lot of rumors about iPhone 5 are spreading across the blogosphere each day. However, as the launching date of the much anticipated phone in the world is fast approaching, each of these rumors are gradually confirmed and falsified. Although nothing is final until the iPhone 5 is introduced officially to the public this 4th of October, a number of professionals have developed their own prototype or mockups of the upcoming iPhone based on leaked information.

Recently, Giga.de presented their own prototype of iPhone which they believe to have a 98% probability to be identical to final the iPhone 5. In their design, you will notice a much thinner version of the phone with a larger 4 inch display, an 8 Megapixels camera, and the new rectangular, capacitive home button capable of detecting swipe gestures.

Talking about internal features, iPhone 5 will have Apple’s A5 CPU chip and doubled RAM from 512MB to 1GB. It is also said that the new iPhone’s IOS 5 will most like have integrate speech recognition software making the keyboard unnecessary through natural speech commands.

More details and images on Giga.de’s website.

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