How to Tweak your Laptop for Faster Internet

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Speed Up Internet Connection

The internet has changed our lives for good. I spend over 10 hours online every day, mostly researching articles to write for myself and my clients. I can only imagine what I would do without the internet. Like most of you reading this article, I have faced my own share of internet problems, and it can be really frustrating when your internet connection is starting to become slow when you need it the most.

There are a lot of factors that can influence how fast your internet connection is. Sometimes the problem is with your ISP, sometimes the problem is with your network or location, and sometimes the problem is with your laptop or the website you are trying to visit. If you are always experiencing problems with the internet on your laptop, this article will be giving you a few tips to help you tweak your laptop for faster internet.

How to Tweak Your Laptop for Faster Internet

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Install a Speed Booster and Download Accelerator
While this particular step is very important, and can make a great deal of impact on the internet speed you get, a lot of people still ignore it. One great way to get faster internet access on your computer is by installing a speed booster on your computer. The main function of a speed booster is to help you get better internet speeds, and it does this by connecting to an external server and by implementing a wide range of tactics to help improve your internet speed. If you’re someone who downloads a lot you can also install a download accelerator on your computer to ensure faster internet speeds. Most download accelerators connect to several servers to provide you better internet speed, and by using them you don’t have to worry about slow downloads again.

Realize that Your Computer Influences Your Internet Speed, and Work on Optimizing it Regularly
Another step you can take to help you enjoy your internet on your laptop is to work on optimizing your laptop regularly. Most people think that the problem is with their ISP whenever they experience a slow internet problem, whereas, in most cases, the problem is with their computer. It is important that you realize that your computer influences your internet speed to a great extent and you should work on optimizing it regularly. Make sure you clean up your laptop regularly, make sure you shut it down at the right time, and make sure you remove applications you don’t need.

free dns server for laptopConfigure Your Laptop to Work with a DNS Server
The final option you can employ to get better internet speeds is to configure your laptop to work with a DNS server. Whenever you try to access a web server your internet server has to connect to it first, and sometimes, this often takes longer depending on the website. You can easily ensure you get better internet speeds by configuring your laptop to work with a DNS server since most DNS servers already have the website you are visiting in their system. The best DNS server you can use online is the one at

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