How to Change Default Icons in Windows

Are you bored with the default look of your Windows folders and shortcuts? Do you want to change icons with different custom-made and free icon packages available for download online. Change icons in Windows Vista and Windows 7 by following these simple tutorial with screenshots.

How to Change Icons in Windows Vista / Windows 7

Changing the default windows icons might be a pretty easy task for some computer users but there are others who doesn’t know how to do it at all. So for their sake, in this tutorial, we will all learn how to manually change your Windows Vista / 7 icons. First, we need to create a new blank folder as demo item.

Step 1

Create a new folder. On your desktop, right click your mouse > select New > then Folder. A folder named ‘New Folder’ with a standard icon will then appear on your desktop.

Step 2

Right click the corresponding folder icons (or shortcut icon) you want to change, then select Properties.

Step 3

Select the Customize tab at the top right portion of the newly opened windows.

Step 4

Click on the ‘Change Icon…‘ button which can be found at the bottom left portion of the windows.

Step 5

Click on the ‘Browse…‘ button in the new window, select the folder where your icons are located on your hard disk drive, and pick the icon (in .ico file format) you want to use.

Step 6

After you’ve chosen an icon, click OK.

Step 7

Finally, click on either the ‘OK‘ or ‘Apply‘ button at the bottom of the window and then close it.

Step 8

You’re Done!

How to Change Windows Desktop Icons

If you will notice, certain Desktop Icons (e.g. Recycle Bin, My Computer, My Documents, etc.) cannot be changed using the steps mentioned above. Here’s how to do it.

Step 1

On your Desktop, right click somewhere in an empty area and select Personalize.

Step 2

On the left side bar of the window, look for ‘Change desktop icons’ and click it.

Step 3

When a new window opens, choose the corresponding icon you want to modify.

Step 4

Click the ‘Change Icon…‘ button

Step 5

Click the ‘Browse…‘ button, then follow the same steps (steps 5 to 8) mentioned above.

Credits to Mag1cWindow for the screenies.

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