Download Movie Maker for Windows 7

movie maker for windows 7

Looking for Windows Movie Maker for Windows 7? Have you ever wondered why Windows 7 doesn’t have Windows Movie Maker installed in the operating system by default?

Windows Movie Maker is Microsoft’s most popular video editing software for Windows-based machines which gives users an easy way of editing photos and videos to create a customized video. In addition, users can add special effects, transitions, sound, and captions to their videos for better output. Movie Maker is a very helpful tool for most video-editing newbies since its interface is easy to learn and requires no editing skills to use the program.

Since Windows ME up to Windows Vista, Movie Maker came pre-installed in the operating system; not until the release of Windows 7. To reduce disk requirements, Microsoft made Movie Maker a separate and optional download for Windows 7 users. The old version of Movie Maker was then abandoned to focus more on its replacement – the Windows Live Movie Maker (an improved version with more editing features).

Install Movie Maker in Windows 7

download windows movie maker for windows 7

In you are using Windows 7, you can download Windows Live Movie Maker for free by logging in to Microsoft’s official Windows Live website. Or you can Download here.

Here are some features of Windows Live Movie Maker:

Combine videos and photos
With Windows Live Movie Maker, you can make movies from your photos and videos, whether they’re already on your computer or still on your camera.

Easy to edit
Use Movie Maker special effects and themes to make your movies stand out. Editing movies is now as easy as dragging and dropping the scenes, still photos, and transitions where you want them. You can even use AutoMovie to let Movie Maker create a film for you.

Share your movies online
In just a few clicks, share your movies on your favorite social networking sites such as YouTube and Facebook, or upload them to Windows Live Skydrive. Watch your movie with friends while chatting in Windows Live Messenger.

Learn more by visiting the official Windows Live website.

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