5 Effective Tips to Extend Laptop Battery Life

Do you experience laptop battery problems? Are you planning of buying a new battery replacement because of a deteriorated laptop battery life?

Our laptop’s battery is not fixed. Just like anything with life, batteries also become dead eventually. The usual duration of a laptop battery ranges from two (2) to three (3) years or even longer depending on usage. However, if not well taken cared of, it becomes depleted as early as a year or even less

I, too, experienced this same fate before on my previous laptop because of my lack of awareness on how to take good care of my laptop battery. If you own or use a laptop (I’m sure you do that’s why you’re reading this), you can follow some tips below to extend your laptop battery life and prevent it from retiring early.

5 Tips to Extend Laptop Battery Life

Avoid the common causes why a laptop battery life becomes shorter. Follow these simple steps.

tips for laptop battery life

Don’t Overcharge
Avoid overcharging your laptop. Unplug the your laptop charger once your battery meter is already full. Overcharging can cause your battery to overheat which obviously can damage not only your battery but the whole laptop itself.

Take off your battery when using AC Power
Our laptop battery deteriorates as the number of charging cycles (full->drain / drain->full) increases. So, one way of preserving it is to take off your battery and put it to rest once in a while. If you are going to use your laptop the whole day in a place where power is stable, you can just take off your battery and plug it in AC power instead. Take note that this is not recommended for places susceptible for frequent power failures.

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Maintain a Good Laptop Temperature
Avoid blocking your laptop’s cooling fans by placing it over a pillow, blanket, or other stuffs. Always put your laptop on a slightly raised surface to maintain good air flow. If you don’t have a laptop cooling pad,  you can use a medium sized book and place it under the battery portion to make it slightly raised, allowing air to flow underneath.

laptop battery cooling pads

Control your Screen Brightness
Dim your screen to the lowest level you can tolerate. Laptop backlight consumes a lot of power especially when turned into the brightest level. Set your laptop to also turn off the display screen after 5 to 10 minutes of being idle. This will greatly help to conserve your laptop’s energy.

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Tweak your Laptop Power Settings
Take full control and always review your laptop’s power settings. In Windows Vista and 7, you can access your power settings by going to Control Panel > Power Options. You can create and new custom power plan or modify / change your current plan’s settings.

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Laptop batteries will not always be the same the first time you use it. They are disposable and really requires a replacement after long years of usage. However, we should learn how to maximize our laptop batteries and squeeze more juice out of it to boost its productivity and save money.

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