Download Firefox 7 Final Version Before Official Release

Download Firefox 7 Final Build Before the Release Date.

Firefox 7 final version is expected to be released anytime this week. However, if you are already craving to have the latest Firefox version in your PC, then you have come to the right place. Mozilla has already uploaded the latest version of their browser, Firefox 7, on their FTP site while their main Firefox download page link has yet to be updated. Although Firefox 7 has not yet been officially released or announced to the public, a number of users are already using the latest browser version using this secret trick.

I’ve also downloaded and installed the software in my Windows 7 PC. Here’s the screenshot as a proof:

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What’s new with Firefox 7?

Here are the changes based on the latest Firefox 7 Beta version:

  • Drastically improved memory use
  • Added a new rendering backend to speed up Canvas operations on Windows systems
  • Bookmark and password changes now sync almost instantly when using Firefox Sync
  • Added support for text-overflow: ellipsis
  • Added support for the Web Timing specification
  • Added an opt-in system for users to send performance data back to Mozilla to improve future versions of Firefox. This can be enabled by installing an add-on
  • Fixed several stability issues

Less Memory Usage

Mozilla’s MemShring project has drastically improved Firefox’s memory use in this version. Firefox 7 consumes 50% less RAM when compared to Firefox 6.

Based on my first experience with Firefox 7, I also noticed this significant drop in Firefox memory usage. Before, I have 5 tabs opened in my browser and I consumed around 250-300MB of memory. Now, I have 7 tabs opened and noticed it’s only consuming 138MB of memory. This is really good news especially for PC with limited RAM.

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