10+ Best Google Chrome Themes for Free Download

The Best and Most Downloaded Google Chrome Themes are finally here.

Google Chrome is a fast rising browser in terms of user popularity. Not only it’s fast, reliable, and very customizable with different plugins (extensions) but also has a wide variety of themes available online. I greatly admire the simplicity of Google Chrome’s graphical interface however,  I find much interesting to put up some skins on my browser.

Here, I’ve compiled the best and most download Google Chrome themes available online for free. The following themes are based on my own taste and preference so bare it me. I hope you will also like these Google Chrome themes which you can download for free. This list is not in any particular order.

Ambiance Theme for Chrome

Great fan of Ubuntu? Here is a Google Chrome theme which mimics the Ambiance theme of the Gnome Desktop, the default theme of Ubuntu 10.10 “Maverick Meerkat”. Try this theme now. Download here.

Robot Theme, Inspired by Android

Android lovers would love to have this Google Chrome theme. The green, white, and chrome color combination makes it very neat and pleasing to the eyes. Download here.

Angry Birds – Google Chrome Theme

Who doesn’t recognize this very popular game, Angry Birds! Delve into the Angry Birds fever by using this very cute theme in your Chrome browser. Download here.

Google Classic Theme for Chrome

Who says classics are out? An old-styled yet very classic and stylish theme for your Google Chrome browser. Download here.

Inventive Theme for Google Chrome

A theme to reflect the curiosity of your online life. The use of bright colors makes it very stylish and eye-catching. Download here.

Metropolitan Theme for Google Chrome

Familiar with the City of Townsville (Powerpuff Girls)? This theme looks like one. Very festive look! Try it now. Download here.

Google Plus Theme for Chrome

Google Plus, the newest social networking site by Google, now has a counterpart Google Chrome theme. Download here.

Hard Wood 2 Google Chrome Theme

Feel ergonomic with this woody theme for Google Chrome. Download here.

Fade to White Aero Skin for Chrome

Clean, fresh theme for Chrome. Aero support. It also has a relatively small file size, giving a quick Chrome and free memory. Download here.

iDesignEco Clean Theme for Chrome

The iDesignEco theme for Chrome. Slick, clean and minimal. Download here.

Facebook Theme for Google Chrome

A simple Facebook colored theme that uses the colors of the site. Download here.

These are just some of the best free Google Chrome themes available online. You can visit the Chrome Web Store for more Google Chrome themes for download.

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  1. tomato_alex February 10, 2012 at 5:11 PM #

    Thanks for your suggestions! Those themes are very nice indeed!

    I found this very cute theme for lovers from the web store and would like to share with you too! Enjoy!!


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