How to Password Protect your Microsoft Word, Excel, Powerpoint Files

Password-protect your Microsoft Word, Excel, Powerpoint document.

Looking for ways to encrypt your Microsoft file using a password? When creating a confidential document, it is recommended to password-protect your file so that only authorized persons can read it or modify the content. You might now be aware of it but Microsoft Office has an option that lets you do this.
Here’s a short tutorial with screenshot you can follow.
How to Password Protect
Step 1.                Create a New document (Word, Excel, Powerpoint). For existing documents that you want to put password, Open the file by double clicking it.
Step 2.                On the top of the screen, click the Microsoft Office button then select Save As. For older versions, click File in the top toolbar then select Save As. You can also use the shortcut, F12, for easier access.
Step 3.                Upon clicking Save As, a window will appear asking you where to save your file. On the lower portion, click Tools (beside the Save button) and then select General Options.
Step 4.                The General Options window will appear. This time, you can choose whether to password protect your document upon opening, upon modifying, or both. Just type in your password in the Password to open / Password to modify text fields.
Step 5.                After entering your desired password, you can also make the file to be “Read Only” (file cannot be modified). If you wish to make it Read Only, just check the Read Only checkbox. Click OK.
Step 6.                You will be prompted to re-type your password to confirm. Type in the password then click Save.
Step 7.                You’re Done! Same steps goes for Microsoft Excel and Powerpoint Files.
Just a reminder though. Don’t forget the password you’ve set on the document or else you cannot open or modify it in the future. J
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    Microsoft word and other apps are read only files. Many times we need our documents to be protected. Microsoft allows us to protect our document by using few simple security features like the password. Thanks a lot!

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