Rumor: Apple’s New iPhone Mini Coming Soon

Apple, according to rumors, is said to be preparing to launch iPhone Mini – a low-cost and smaller version of their popular full-touch smartphone sometime in the middle of 2011.

It can be recalled that fourth quarter last year, Google’s share in the global smartphone market was tripled (about 32.9 percent) and Apple (accounting for only 16 percent) is well aware this rising competitor. Android-powered phones raised its popularity nowadays by using low-cost devices with the versatility of offering many of the same functionalities of high-end smartphones – including iPhone.

With this rapid rise of Android-powered phones in the market, this new miniaturized iPhone aims to slow down the advance of other competing handsets. Apple CEO Steve Jobs, who is said to be involved in the strategic decisions of iPhone Mini while on medical leave, would lower down prices to further increase the iPhone’s appeal to the public and keep it from losing further ground to Android devices.

iPhone Mini Features

Although there’s still no confirmation from Apple, the rumored iPhone Mini is said to have the same functionalities of iPhone though in a much smaller version.

·         Smaller Size
The new iPhone Mini will be around two-thirds of the size of the current iPhone. To further save space, the ‘home key’ found on the lower front of existing iPhone will be removed in the miniaturized version.

·         “Universal” SIM
iPhone Mini will be available with a “universal” Subscriber Identity Module (SIM) which allows users to switch between networks without having to remove and insert another network SIM.

·         Pay As You Go
iPhone Mini will also likely to be made available on a Pay As You Go (PAYG) basis rather than 18-month or two year contracts. This will enable users to pay only their phone consumption rather than fixed monthly bills.

·         Dual Mode Phone
This capability enables the phone to work with two networks at the same time. One line can be for AT&T and another one for Verizon Wireless.

·         Cheaper Price
Unlike the U.S. contract-subsidized iPhone 4 which costs around $200 to $300, the new iPhone Mini will cost around $200 (for U.S.) as an introductory price without obligating user to sign a two-year service contract. Pricing for other countries is still unknown.

With this new rumor going around with iPhone Mini, everything is still uncertain until Apple formally introduces the product on public. Let’s just wait and see.

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