How to Maximize Audio Volume in Windows 7

Looking for ways on how to increase volume in your Windows 7 PC or Laptop? This is a very common problem especially to laptop users: low audio volume even though the volume level is set to max. Even after you set both your volume mixer and application volume to maximum, still the audio quality is low.

Many web tweakers would suggest that you update your sound card driver. Or worst, some would suggest you to buy an external speakers which in my own opinion is very hassle and costly. Why not just maximize your built-in audio system without spending or using any external items? Here are two (2) ways to do it:

Increase Volume in Windows 7
1.       Go to Control Panel then open Sounds.
2.       Click on Properties and open the Enhancements tab.

3.       Check the Loudness Equalization checkbox then press Apply then OK.

If this trick doesn’t work for you nor you can’t find the Enhancements tab on your Sound’s Properties (just like me), then try this next trick.
Use VLC Media Player
When playing your favorite music or movie, try using VLC Player. VLC Player as a unique volume meter that goes up to 400% of your maximum pc volume.
You can find the free installer here. When playing your music or movie, just scroll up your mouse wheel and you’ll be surprised that it will go up to 400% audio boost.

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