How to get Aero Shake and Peek in Windows XP and Vista

Looking for Windows Aero Shake, Aero Peek, and Taskbar Peek for Windows XP/Vista? If you are familiar with some Windows 7 features, these three (3) are new features you cannot find with older Windows versions including Windows XP and Vista. Although there are a lot of stand-alone programs developed by private individuals to make Aero Shake and Peek possible to Windows XP/Vista, most of them have to be installed separately (one program for Aero Shake, another for Aero Peek, and another one for Taskbar Peek). In effect, this will after your computer performance by slowing it down.
So the question now is to have such features without slowing down your computer’s performance? Here a small application perfect for this case.

How to get Aero Shake and Peek to Windows XP/Vista
Try WinShake! Winshake is a small application created to make Aero Shaker, Aero Peek, Taskbar Peek, and other additional tweaks for your Windows XP or Vista. It’s an all-in-one application which saves you time and memory space. You can read the full feature details in their main website.
Some screenshots

Aero Peek 

Aero Shake

Taskbar Peek 
To download, you can visit their main website of download it here directly. Just choose one download link below.
Hope this helps you out. Enjoy your new desktop features!

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