How to Control your PC Remotely using Twitter

Control your PC remotely through your mobile! When you’re out for work, school, or a party but have to manage your computer from a distance, there is a perfect application that will help you accomplish the task using only your mobile phone and your twitter account– it’s called TweetMyPC.
TweetMyPC is a little software-application for Windows which allows you to control and access your computer from anywhere by simply sending a twitter-message with a special command as its content. It’s a remote control utility which sits on the system tray and monitors a Twitter account, waiting for commands. When you send a command, the program detects it and carries out a predetermined action.

Some predetermined commands include: shutdown, restart, hibernate, lock, logoff, screenshot, ping, and print (for more commands, view the full list HERE). The latest version (ver. 3) of this app now allows you to add custom commands.
How to use
First, you have to download and install this small program to your computer.
1.       To install TweetMyPC version 3 at your Computer, open
2.       Switch to the Download-section and download the latest TweetMyPC file
3.       (Read) and accept the license by clicking at I Agree
4.       Download the file to your computer and then open it with your Package Explorer
5.       Run the TweetMyPC Setup.msi file
6.       Follow the dialogs and install TweetMyPC
Configure the Application
1.       If you don’t have a second twitter-account just for TweetMyPC, then go to, and create another account by clicking at “Sign up now” and fill out the formula.
2.       Now read security information and make your tweets private as shown in the video at that website
3.       After you finished creating and configuring the twitter-account, start TweetMyPC by opening the shortcut for the application at your desktop
4.       The main window of TweetMyPC will now pop up – fill in the needed data. Info: if you don’t enter username and password to a google-email-account, then commands like getprocesslist, getfile and getfilelist will not be usable!
5.       Now press the Save&Hide button to activate TweetMyPC
For more info about the application, you can visit their main website.

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