Craigslist Killer Shot a 19 year-old Victim

Craigslist Killer shot a 19 year-old.
Another Craigslist crime surfaced this week, this time the “Craigslist Killer” shot a 19 year-old. Craigslist is a famous website featuring free online classified advertisements. This free-posting advertisement paved a way for the “Craiglist Killer” to lure possible victims.
According to CNN, a 19-year-old was killed after making a deal from an “ad” posted on Craigslist. Johnathan Clements, the victim, was shot and killed after agreeing to meet with the unknown person to buy a phone he had purchased through Craigslist.

Johnathan was killed Tuesday, February 15th outside of his own home on the 23000 block of Crossley Avenue in Hazel Park, Michigan. His Aunt, who he was currently living with, Renee Bommarito, went outside to find him screaming, writhing in pain, and crying.
Renee Bommarito said, “If all they wanted was his money, I know he would have just given it up. He would not have fought.” There would have been no need to shoot him. They need to pay for what they did. They had no reason to take his life.”
After being found by his aunt, Johnathan was rushed to the hospital, but soon after, Johnathan passed away.
Police are investigating, trying to find out information on who the killer was, and arrest him for what he has done. Where that ends up, time will tell. “We’re asking the public, anyone that has information on this case, to please call us,” said Chief David Niedermeier.
A lesson for all online shoppers out there: Know first the person you are transacting with. Read about commentaries or previous transactions done by that person. And never go with “To-Good-To-Be-True” deals.
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    first craiglist rapist. now its killer. its going too far.

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