Update Facebook Status via Blackberry, iPhone, Android

Want to update your Facebook status via different devices (Blackberry, iPhone, Android, etc.) without actually using those devices?

You might already notice some of your friends updating through their mobile phones saying “via Blackerry”, “via iPhone”, “via Android”, “via Ovi by Nokia”, and many more. While your friends actually use those devices to update, you can fool them and post a unique wall post without buying those expensive gadgets.

Isn’t it cool to update “via Apple iPad” which you even haven’t bought yet? You can also update using some funny statements like “via Nokia 3310 Internet Edition”, “via Moon”, “via Public Telephone”, “via Comfort Room” or any other statements you like.

Lately, I’ve been using this trick to update my Facebook pofile. Here are some examples as proof:

Update Facebook Status Via

So the ultimate question now is: “How do you do this?” Well, you can make this possible using this free service called StatusVia. You can update using two (2) ways. First is using using PC/Laptop and second is through mobile.
Click these links:

for PC / Laptop: http://pc.statusvia.net
for Mobile: http://statusvia.net/

· Step 1: Go their website (PC or mobile).

· Step 2: On their website’s main page, you can see some presets or popularly used applications such as via Blackberry, via iPhone, via Android, etc. Decide what device you can to update.

· Step 3: After you made up your decision, you will notice that beside your chosen device are two (2) links: “Update Status” and “Send Wall”.

Update Status – is used to post a status update on your own profile
Send Wall – is used if you want to post on your friend’s wall using your chosen device.

· Step 4: Select from those two choices. Click those link will redirect you to the page where you can now type your status update.

· Step 5: After typing, click Publish. You’re done! You can check now your Facebook profile to check. ^_^

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    wowww thank u so much nice done

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  • this is amazing one…loved this

  • Nice, I would love to know more about that

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    Hey can we change via for comments also?

  • This is fun, thank you for sharing! I’ve seen status updates like that before and was wondering how this was achieved. By the way, I loved your suggestion about the “public telephone”! :)
    Nastase from mobile messaging

  • paano po ung mag-upload ng photo via blackberry?

  • paano mag upload ng photo via blackberry?

  • It stop going on facebook why? Get back to me if u have know…

  • Its awesome