Review: Microsoft Touch Mouse for Windows 7

Microsoft Touch Mouse is the newest device created and developed by Microsoft exclusively for Windows 7. Aside from the usual functions you can do with your typical computer mouse, this amazing product features seven (7) natural gestures which MS (Microsoft) says as “the most fluid way to navigate Windows 7”. By quickly responding to gestures, it speeds up your daily tasks like scrolling, panning, paging forward and backward, docking, minimizing/maximizing, showing desktop, and many more.
Expected to be available to the market on May 2011, Microsoft Touch Mouse for Windows 7 will be Microsoft’s counterpart to Apple’s Magic Mouse.
Some Gesture Guides:
Gesture Guide (click to enlarge)
·         One Finger lets you manage the content of a document or webpage – moving one finger lets you precisely scroll in any direction and hyperscroll through long documents with a quick flick of your finger, while using your thumb lets you move back/forward easily through your internet browser.
·         Two Fingers lets you manage multiple windows by maximizing, minimizing, restoring, and snapping them side-by-side.
·         Three Fingers lets you navigate the whole desktop – three fingers up to display all of your open windows for easy task switching or three fingers down for clearing the desktop entirely
For geeks out there, here are its technical specifications:

·         New! Multitouch surface lets you use natural gestures to snap, navigate and control content with a touch of a finger.
·         New! Flick scrolling functionality lets you quickly scroll and pan through windows and documents.
·         New! Improved task switching on Windows 7 gives you superior mouse performance and experience on the PC.
·         BlueTrack Technology allows you to ditch your mouse pad and mouse on virtually any surface,1 including granite, marble, carpet and wood.
·         Snap-in Nano transceiver gives you the option to leave the transceiver plugged into the computer or conveniently store it in the bottom of the mouse.
·         2.4GHz wireless technology gives you a confident wireless connection.
·         Ambidextrous design for use with either hand.
A Quick Demo Video:

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